Ear Problems and Treatment

Ear Problems and Treatment
Ear Problems and Treatment

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Ear Problems and Treatment


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Ear Problems and Treatment In this article, we will present the most prominent hearing and ear problems and their treatment

Ear Problems and Treatment

  • The eardrum is a membrane made of skin-like tissue that separates the outer ear and the middle ear
  • The function of the eardrum is to protect the middle ear from water, foreign bodies and bacteria, and it has another function by converting vibrational waves into nerve messages that are transmitted to the brain.
  • When the eardrum is perforated, foreign bodies penetrate into the middle ear and lead to its inflammation, thus leading to several symptoms, including dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss in the affected ear, fluid with blood.
  • As for the treatment, it can be done by implanting an artificial graft that is placed in batches or by surgically

Hearing improvement operations

  • The most important hearing improvement process is a cochlear implant procedure used to improve hearing ability, which can be beneficial for restoring hearing for those who suffer from severe hearing impairment and other solutions have not worked for him.
  • A cochlear implant is an electronic device that partially restores hearing. It may be a good option for everyone with severe hearing loss as a result of damage to the inner ear, and who can no longer hear using hearing aids.
  • Cochlear implants can be placed in one or two ears
  • Cochlear auditory implantation is also possible for all ages
  • Otitis media and chronic ear infection surgery
  • Chronic otitis media is a disease that affects the middle ear and causes a breach of the ear membrane, thus the exit of inflammatory fluids from the ear and hearing loss.
  • It is called chronic inflammation when it lasts more than 3 months and does not respond to medication
  • Surgery may be suggested after controlling the infection, which aims to:
  • Clean the ear from the inflammation that affected the tissues
  • Correction of the mastoid bone that conducts sound between the outer and middle ear
  • Improving the patient’s sense of hearing

Ear aesthetics

Some people may suffer from prominent ear problems or congenital atrophy in the ear, so otoplasty is the best way to solve these problems. You can read more about this topic via the link

Finally, for inquiries and support about any issue from Turk Aesthetic Center, you can contact our team via the link