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Ear Correction

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Ear Correction


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Ear Correction people unloose hair and hide the ears.

Specially when they are off the head.

  • But what are the solutions to hide prominent ears if they want to cut the hair or want to lift it up?
  • This article helps to answer this question in the following lines.

Here below some quick information about Ear Correction surgery:

AnesthesiaFull or Local
Procedure duration1-2 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping ear to increase harmony
Continuity of resultsLife Time
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostDepending on Anesthesia 1500 – 2000 USD

Ear Correction Video

What is Ear Correction?

  • It is an overgrowth of the cartilage of the ear that causes it to appear more than normal and makes it far the distance from the head, which gives it distortion in appearance
  • It is called bat ears and begins to appear after birth so that babies are born with natural ears and then grow and grow in the early years.
  • Sometimes both ears grow, and sometimes one ear appears bigger and stronger than the other.
  • Of course, there are certain criteria and standards to be called the prominent ears according to the size of the ear and its distance from the head, which requires medical intervention to repair this defect in accordance with the decision of both the owner of the problem and the doctor as a matter of the same.

Are there health damage to prominent ears?

The prominent ear operation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in The Arab countries and therefore we have to think about the inquiry, is there any harm to the bat ears?

Briefly, the prominent ear does not negatively affect hearing, but many people want to perform it in order to avoid the negative psychological effects, the goal is purely aesthetic.

Ear Correction Surgery

  • Age is an important element in the treatment of prominent ears, the earlier the treatment is, the better and more lasting the results.
  • Accordingly, the procedure of medical intervention for the child before the sixth is best due to the flexibility of the cartilage and the ability to control its growth.
  • This is done by wearing a rubber ear mask or an ear splint that helps with the right growth.
  • Or the ear and head are tied to grow in a normal and correct direction.
  • After the age of six months, the surgical intervention becomes more urgent due to the stiffness of the cartilage.
  • As mentioned, the reasons for performing a prominent ear operation are purely cosmetic so that the protrusion does not affect the child’s psyche. Age

The Surgery

  • The surgery lasts approximately two hours and is performed under the influence of full anesthesia if the patient is a child to help reduce movement during the operation.
  • Anesthesia may be partial if the patient is an adult.
  • It is recommended not to eat anything six hours before the operation.
  • As for the operation, the doctor makes an incision behind the ear and removes the excess part of the cartilage if it grows to make the distance between the ear and head simple and then the incision is closed again.
  • The second type of operation is to bend the cartilage and fold it if it is flexible.
  • The doctor should make sure that the patient is able to be treated and there is no infection or complaint in the patient’s ear, so the problem should be solved before any operation and then the surgery as a next step, other than the auditory nerve may be damaged and then deafening if the operation is performed randomly

Instructions after Process

  • Wear a cover for a week and do not have to be exposed to friction or stirring.
  • Avoid water for the wound for 2 weeks so as not to affect the process and results.
  • Disinfection of the wound and attention to cleanliness and sterilization on an ongoing basis.
  • See a doctor when there is any bleeding or accidental discharge, such as pus exit.
  • Adequate body rest during recovery.

Cost of Ear Correction

The cost varies from place to place, as it varies with the medical center and the doctor himself. Operation costs are not included in health insurance, as it is a cosmetic operation.

For more accurate cost, you can contact specialists from TURK AESTHETIC via the following link