Disc Treatment in Turkey

Disc Treatment in Turkey
Disc Treatment in Turkey

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Disc Treatment in Turkey


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Disc treatment in Turkey There are many behaviors that we perform on a daily basis and for long hours that may negatively affect our bodies.

One of the problems that may result from carrying weights the wrong way or sitting for a long time is disc disease, which we will talk about in detail in this article

What is a Disc?

  • The disc is damage to one of the components of the vertebrae or cartilage, which puts pressure on a nerve and causes painful tingling in the lower back.
  • If the damage is very severe, surgery should be used to remove it.

How does a disc patient feel?

  • Pain when walking
  • Pain when sitting or standing for a while
  • A feeling of burning or tingling at the site of the pain, the severity of which ranges from the middle to the severe, according to the degree of damage

Who are at risk of developing a disc?

  • The elderly
  • Heavy work, of which heavy loads are part
  • People with obesity and overweight
  • The idle body is less mobile
  • Any wrong movement by lifting a heavy weight exposes its owner to a vertebra in the spine to damage that leads to the disc

How does neglecting disc disease treatment affect?

  • Neglect of treatment for disc disease may lead to some complications that may affect life, including the risks:
  • Nerve damage to the affected area
  • Nerve disconnection to affect the motor function of the body or the functions of other organs, according to the location of the injury
  • Feeling of numbness as a feeling associated with the area of ​​damage, such as not feeling the hip and thighs as being part of the body

What is a disc treatment in Turkey?

  • Treatment is determined based on the degree of injury and the severity of symptoms
  • Treatment begins with analgesics and advice and ends with surgery to remove the damaged part of the vertebra causing the pain

Is laser indicated for the treatment of disc?

  • Yes, laser treatment has entered the disc and has effective results and few risks compared to surgical work, which is considered a very sensitive work and has serious risks unless it is performed under the supervision of a highly experienced doctor.
  • The laser rays under local anesthesia and the X-ray device that detects the location of the damage removes the damaged cartilage responsible for the disc by laser beams and has many benefits compared to surgery, including:
  • The laser operation does not require full body anesthesia, but rather local anesthesia
  • There is no bleeding and the treatment with surgery thus shortens the recovery time
  • Results appear faster than surgery
  • By means of laser radiation, it is possible to separate the tissues that transmit sensation to the brain, thus reducing the feeling of post-operative pain in addition to feeling better in a faster way.

Is it possible to treat in one session?

  • According to each disease separately, the number of disc treatment sessions varies, so the patient may need one or several sessions that the doctor determines after studying the patient’s condition (age, symptoms, history of injury, etc.)
  • The duration of the session is half an hour to an hour, and there must be an interval between the two sessions for a period of at least a month

Why Turk Aesthetic for Disc Treatment in Turkey

Turk Aesthetic Center is a pioneer in the therapeutic and cosmetic field, depending on the latest technologies and advanced medical equipment, in addition to a highly qualified medical staff, in addition to accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

As for Turkey, it is the only place in the region that combines the conditions of treatment with the average cost, whether with high-cost Europe or the Middle East region, and modest possibilities due to the surrounding conditions

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