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dimples surgery
Dimples Surgery

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Dimples Surgery


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Dimples Surgery became famous lately for cheeks Also called dimples creation or dimpleplasty because it adds an attractive and beautiful touch to the face, which is a good impression for both sexes.

It appear on people faces as a hereditary nature when the muscle fibers are based on the face skin, pulling it inside while laughing, smiling or even talking. These fibers may be on one side of the face or on both sides.

It is also more obvious in children; it gradually diminishes growing up due to the expansion of the facial muscle.

With the development of medicine, the number of dimple surgeries has increased to become one of the most important facial procedures. In this article, Turk Aesthetic explains everything related to the cheeks dimple surgery.

Here Below some quick facts about Dimples Surgery:

Procedure duration1 Hour
Results AppearanceImmediately
Continuity of results5- 10 years Depending on Age and skin type
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost1500 USD

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How Dimples Surgery is done?

It is the creation of a dimple in one or both cheeks to make the face look more attractive and cute when smiling.

  • It is considered as a simple and fast procedure that doesn’t need more than half an hour.
  • It is done under local anesthesia then the surgeon creates a thin opening inside the mouth (in the cheek abdomen) according to the agreed area.
  • The artificial opening is emptied of the fat and then it is stitched between the opening and the outer skin on the cheek by a thin medical thread that dissolves automatically over time to show the dimple.
  • The most appropriate way to choose the artificial dimple place is by drawing a longitudinal line from the eye opening end to the lower part of the face.
  • And another horizontal line from the side of the mouth is drawn, at the junction of the two lines, the dimple proper and closest to natural place is marked to have the best satisfying results.

Dimples Surgery Cost

Dimples surgery cost abroad is varied, although it is simple but relatively expensive in Europe. In Germany, the average cost is about 3000 euros, while in France it is an average of 2500 euros. Its cost in Turkey is down to 1,000 euros but varies from one medical center to another according to the name of the hospital and the skill of the doctors and the techniques used.

Finally, to know more information about Dimples surgery cost in Turkey in Turk Aesthetic please contact our team through the link.

Recovery period   

  • As mentioned, the procedure is simple and does not pass over half an hour at maximum and local anesthesia is performed.
  • Thus the recovery period is also simple and does not exceed two days.
  • The results will be clear during the first few weeks, with or without smiling.
  • Especially, after a month, the dimple become natural and clear only when the patient smiles.

Dimples Surgery Complications

  • Because of the procedure simplicity, there were no complications known since it entered the plastic surgery world.
  • Some minor bruising or swelling may occur in the face.
  • In case of bleeding or simple inflammation, it is treated with painkillers or antibiotic.
  • If the artificial stitch is removed from its place there is a possibility for dimples to disappear.

Dimples Surgery Aftercare instructions

During the recovery period and for two days, you must commit to the following:

  • Not having hot drinks such as tea and coffee.
  • Do not eat hard food that needs chewing and grinding.
  • Use mouthwash to avoid any inflammation or infection.
  • Commit to taking antibiotics and painkillers when needed.
  • If the surgery results are not satisfying, the stitches can be removed immediately during the first week.

Is dimples surgery results permanent?

  • Some patients think whether the dimple surgery is permanent?
  • As a precise answer, according to the natural dimples, it gradually disappears and fades with aging because of skin flaccidity and muscle fiber weakness.
  • Therefore, the artificial dimple surgery is not considered permanent throughout the lifespan and may even disappear after approximately ten years.