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Dermapen device where it deals with Turk Aesthetic in the following lines, what is the Dermapen device and its method of work in addition to the common indications and instructions for its use as one of the cosmetic techniques recently used in the world of medicine.

What is Dermapen?

  • Pen-like device with multiple convex heads or needles measured in millimeters.
  • The device pricks the surface of the skin, scalp or place to be treated and causes accurate cracks at the rate of 1000 simple incisions in a painless manner and without the need for anesthesia.
  • The goal of creating cracks is to restore the shape of the skin and work to make it look fresh and vibrant.

How to perform the Dermapen device

  • The device contains 12 different needles that change according to the place to be treated.
  • The needles move vertically and quickly over the skin layer, creating holes that are medically intended to open the pores of the skin for a temporary period.
  • The skin begins to self-repair and the collagen-boosting secretion is released.
  • In addition, the growth factors stimulate the skin and increase its ability to absorb to appear more fresh and vital.

Device uses

As we mentioned earlier, the device is used to solve many problems within the scope of cosmetology, including:

  1. Hair loss

    The device is used to treat hair loss so that it is placed on the scalp in the same way as it is used on the skin, and it starts to make fine cracks to stimulate the follicles and the hair begins to grow stronger than before.

  2. Treating lines in the body

    The device is used as a body massage to stimulate cells and reduce the visible lines on the skin, the effectiveness of the device is enhanced with the help of topical creams and vitamins that are used under the supervision and advice of a specialist doctor.

  3. Treating wrinkles and pores

    The Dermapen system helps reduce facial wrinkles, giving it a more youthful appearance by removing skin pores that increase the aging of the skin.

  4. Get rid of cellulite

    Medical research has recorded an effective and direct effect of the device by reducing or eliminating cellulite according to the degree of its accumulations on the body.

  5. Spot and pigmentation treatment

    With the frequent use of the Dermapen device, a change in pigmented skin color was observed, and a marked improvement and brightening of the skin color appeared.

Instructions before using the Dermapen device

  • Skin peeling should be avoided before using the device.
  • Skin-lightening creams should be avoided.
  • Avoid using lasers.
  • Not to use the device in the event of infections or pimples on the skin.
  • It is forbidden to use makeup or perfume a week before using the device in order not to cause sensitive skin.
  • Diseases that cause dry skin must be eliminated before using the device.
  • Attention to proper nutrition and plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water.

The results

  • Depending on the type and degree of the problem, and the individual differences between people, the length of time needed to recover varies.
  • The results are relatively rapid. After completing the first session, the results begin to appear after a period of one to ten days and continue to improve for six weeks.
  • For better results, the patient needs at least three sessions.
  • One session lasts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • The session is separated from the next four to six weeks at the latest, in order for the patient to get the maximum benefit.

It should be noted that pain associated with the Dermapen device is possible, but local anesthesia can be requested from the doctor if the patient is concerned.

The cost of the dermapen session in Turkey

The cost of a session in Turkey varies according to the problem to be treated in addition to the medical center itself.

To get a free consultation with the cost per session from the Turk Aesthetic Center in Istanbul, you can contact directly with our staff via the link.