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Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. And it usually need 5 days to be ready.

Usually, Dentures are made from pink gum-colored acrylic or from mental in a convenient way to replace it above the gum to discard problems that happen because of the gaps, which are results of losing or extracting teeth.

Those gaps might cause problems or difficulties while eating or even talking.

It may not feel exactly the same as the natural teeth, which means that you will not feel as your own real teeth but today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

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Dentures Types

There are two main types of dentures in Turkey nowadays.

Your dentist will recommend you a type, which will be suited for you considering the number of your extracted teeth, and its total price.

  • Partial denture:

A partial denture is fixated on a mental framework that is attached to your natural real teeth. Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to dental bridges.

  • Complete denture:

A complete denture is installed in your mouth after extracting the remaining teeth and then waiting until the gum is healed, healing may take several months, which means this period you will stay without teeth

Dentures Installation

If all of your upper or lower teeth have to be extracted or if you are already using a denture and it’s the time to change it with a new one, the complete denture can be applied immediately.

Usually, the complete denture can be applied after removing any remaining teeth; therefore, you will not spend several months without teeth, so the denture will be convenient to the gum and to the jawbone. However, if you already have a denture that has been immediately applied after removing many teeth, you might need from time to another to reform or fix it by going to your dentist due to changes in the gum and the jawbone.

In some cases the gums might need to be left until it is healed and reformed, sometimes it may take several months before replacing any denture.

You can visit a dentist or a qualified dental technician to design and make your denture.

They will make a removable temporary denture after taking sizes of your mouth, then the dentist or the technician will try it on your mouth to fix the size and appearance, also the form and color might be changed before making the permanent teeth.

Partial dental dentures

The partial denture is designed to cover the gaps that are formed as a result of loosing or extracting one tooth or even more.

A partial denture is made from acrylic or metal, with a number of attached crowns that are fixed on the it, and usually, it is attached to some of your natural teeth, using metal clips, which make it safe in its place so you can easily remove it and wear it back.

Sometimes, the part that forms the teeth or the gum is made of a colored material, even though this kind of dentures is not so convenient in sometimes because it is smoother than the mental one.

The dentist can take your dental measurements and request a partial denture, which can provide a partial replacement for you right after you first visited your dentist for a treatment plan and oral health certificate.

Fixed dental bridges

Dental bridges are an alternative to the dentures; it can be convenient for some people.

Crowns are replaced on the supporting teeth (that are on the two sides of the gap) in the gap area, and it is connected to each other to make bridges.

These crowns have the same shape and color of your natural teeth.

When will I get used to my dental denture?

The new crowns might cause a discomfort and it takes many days or even weeks to get used to it, also you need a little practice in eating and talking while wearing it.

How long do dental dentures last in Turkey?

Over a period of time, your denture will need to be relined, remade, or rebased due to constant usage.
Your age, gums and your mouth naturally change; most of those reasons make the denture’s base kind of loose so you need to constantly visit your dentist for check-ups.

Tips & Instructions

  • Don’t let your dentures dry out, you can put it in plain water when you are not putting them, never use hot water which can damage it permanently.
  • You have to brush your dentures daily by removing food deposits and plaque, and keep it clean.
  • The denture’s cost is so convenient for patients coming from all over the world, but you should choose the right place to have a perfect quality.
  • Brush your gums, tongue, and palate every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you put your dentures. This stimulates circulation in your tissues and helps remove plaque.

In case your denture broke, chip, crack, or became loose visit your dentist to adjust it.

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