White Teeth in 30 Minutes

White teeth in 30 minutes Most people of all age groups may change the color of the tooth due to the wrong way of consuming food and adhering to a feeding system that contains properties that react quickly to the teeth.

Reasons for color tooth change 

Consumption of liquids containing colors of it natural and  industrial,teeth interact with all these components by printing teeth a living organism and interacts with the outside world and gets discoloration.

The discoloration of the teeth is an annoying event that affects the psychology of the general and affects the self-confidence and may emit unpleasant odors from the  mouth,  all these factors affect the overall health and cause several diseases, most notably heart disease

A tooth change can be a sign of heart-related diseases as well as persistent headaches.

White Teeth in 30 Minutes

Within 30 minutes, teeth are bleached using a laser, firstly identifying the gums to prevent the material used for bleaching with the gums in order not to cause any sensitivity to the gums, then the bleaching substance is applied directly to the teeth and left to interact with the laser within 30 minutes

The substance is removed and the teeth are washed well

After teeth whitening session

Several things must be adhered to after completing a teeth whitening session, we mention the most important advices

  • Avoid drinks that may lead to staining teeth, such as tea
  • Reducing smoking because it negatively affects the color and health of the teeth
  • It is preferable not to take hot and cold liquids directly so as not to cause pain

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