Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey

Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey
Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey

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Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey


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Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey There is no longer any need for concern in the event of an emergency loss of a tooth because the possibility of compensating for what has been lost has become very simple with the development of medical technologies. We will provide some quick details on this topic.

Quick information about the dental implant procedure

Procedure Duration30 minutes Approx.. for each tooth
Session number2 Sessions
Procedure aimCompensate for lost teeth
Results Immediate
Results continuity Around 15 years
Turk Aesthetic Cost350$ per tooth.
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FAQ – Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey

Should I implant the full number of teeth that have been lost (in case the entire jaw has been lost)?

No … Half or a quarter of the lost number can be planted, and what remains can be replaced by dental bridges.

Is it possible to perform dental implants in a pregnant woman?

Absolutely yes.

Is it possible to implant teeth for diabetics?

Yes, this is possible in cases of regular or controlled diabetes.

Can I smoke after a dental implant?

Smoking leads to fragility of the jaw bones and affects negatively on health of the gums so it would better to stop smoking after teeth implants specially first period.

My Experience with Dental Implants

Our patient, 42-year-old Abdul Rahman from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during his recent visit to Istanbul, he would like to thank Turk Aesthetic Center for the results of the dental implants that performed in the fall of 2019.

Mr. Abdul Rahman says:

I went to the Turk Aesthetic Center, specifically, on the recommendation of one of my close friends, who conducted a session for bleaching teeth while leaving a static after I made the decision to visit Istanbul for recreation first and for dental implants secondly.

My friend did not have a dental implant, but only a session for bleaching teeth, so I was not sure of my decision about having the operation until after I visited the center and asked for an examination.

Indeed, after the expiration of the bulk of my vacation in Istanbul, I contacted Turk static to decide whether I will perform the operation or not.

Frankly, the method of communicating with Professor Muhammad caught my attention to give me a positive motivation by requesting an appointment for an inspection.

Whether it was the cost or the quality of the center, and more importantly, the high professionalism in dealing … all of them motivated me to take the next step, which is the dental implant procedure.

During the operation

I did not feel any pain during the operation and as soon as the local anesthesia took effect, the doctor started.

The treatment plan was to replace 3 missing teeth by implanting two and replace the third with a bridge in the middle.

The procedure did not take more than an hour. As for the second session, I had to visit Turkey after a period of two or three months to complete it.

It can be said that I completed the most difficult and complex part, leaving nothing but crowns installed in the second session.

Because I was not able to visit Turkey at the time the doctor specified for me, I did the simple part of the procedure in Saudi Arabia without any problems.

Recently, during my visit to Istanbul, I went to Leave Esthetic to give thanks first and to ask for an inspection secondly to supervise what I did in Saudi Arabia.

Teeth Implant Cost in Turkey

The cost of a single tooth implantation in Turkey generally starts from 250 dollars to 750 dollars in some centers.

The cost is determined according to several criteria such as the patient’s teeth condition first, the materials to be used second, the reputation of the medical center and the doctor’s competence third.

At Turk Esthetic, we strive to collect these elements to satisfy everyone in one place.

The cost of leaving a static ranges from 250 dollars to 400 dollars according to the patient’s condition and his desire to select the materials if possible.

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