Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants is a quick and short solution to waiting after the loss of a tooth or a tooth, compared to traditional dental implants that require time that may be negatively affected by the dental implantation plan.
In this article, we will talk about immediate dental implants and how they are performed in detail.

It is compensation for the immediate loss of a tooth or molar that follows the extraction or disposal of the tooth or the damaged tooth without the need to wait for wound healing. The immediate implantation of one tooth or more may be without any problems and with very positive results.

Procedure Duration2/4 Sessions (an hour each)
Return to daily activityImmediate
Things to considerAvoid dye drinks and solid foods
Procedure effectivenessThe results are permanent, as long as maintaining health of the teeth
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250 USD Approx.

Immediate Dental Implants Video

Can everyone perform immediate dental implants?

Oral health is required from any inflammation or infection and the strength of the gums, because lack of it will put pressure and burden on the mouth after implanting the teeth with a new body. The following are the most important conditions that must be met:
Jaw bone strength and cohesion, i.e. the extent of bone density.
Harmony in the shape of the gums, which is the basis for dental implants.
The habits of each person, such as personal dental care or lack thereof, because this affects either positively or negatively the result.
When the aforementioned conditions are met, the immediate cultivation may be suitable with great results, even surpassing the results of traditional cultivation.

Procedure Steps

01- Before the procedure

The doctor examines the x-ray image and determines a prior plan for the procedure, in addition to providing the patient with medical instructions and some medications such as painkillers and antibiotics, which he will adhere to after the procedure

02- During the procedure

The doctor begins with local anesthesia, then extracts the damaged tooth and cleans and sterilizes its place.
After that, it is fixed by a fast-rotating machine and tightly with a screw in the place of the molar that was removed, and the remainder of it is closed with a temporary support, then a bridge that can be detached and installed to enable eating without any problems.
This is considered the last step in the immediate dental implantation, which takes only one hour in total. The patient can go home and return after a few months, as determined by the doctor at that time in order to install the permanent crown and remove the temporary crown.


It should be noted that it is difficult to put a permanent crown in the first session because it may form pressure on the jaw and gums, and thus it may not harmonize with the tissues of the mouth and rule out failure on implantation, so the break is necessary and required in order for the mouth to acclimatize to the new body that has been added.
Contrary to expected, the implantation of several missing teeth in the mouth gives great results compared to the implantation of one missing tooth.

Immediate dental implants

03- After the procedure

During the first period, the doctor advises not to chew on the temporary new tooth site solid foods such as apples, for example, and other foods that require greater pressure on the jaw and adhere to easy-to-chew food such as rice.
Adhere to the prescribed medications and anti-inflammatory drugs under the doctor’s tutelage.
The doctor determines the period that the patient will spend in the temporary crown, which is estimated between 3 to 5 months, according to each case separately.
Thus, the patient has simply solved the problem of losing the tooth.

Traditional dental implants

It is an old procedure compared to the immediate implantation of teeth that began in the beginning of 2020
Traditional agriculture is done with the same steps as immediate cultivation, but with a greater number of visits, any double effort.
Specifically, after a tooth extraction, the patient had to wait for a period of two months until the wound was healed and the tissues healed, after which the implantation began
During the wound healing period, the gums may shrink, and their area may become narrow and not suitable for the plan of implantation in the first place.

Teeth implants and pregnancy

A question that comes to the minds of many women who are pregnant

Is it possible to make dental compensation through implantation during pregnancy?

The answer is, of course, there is no objection to the procedure, because the final criterion for this is anesthesia

If the operation requires complete anesthesia of the body, of course there is a problem to complete the dental implantation process

But the operation does not require only local anesthesia, so the procedure can be performed during pregnancy as an answer to a common inquiry.

Dental implants procedure and smoking

Does smoking negatively affect the performance of the operation is also one of the common inquiries.

There is no doubt that smoking negatively affects the health of the gums, which is considered the soil in which the teeth will be implanted. If the gums are sick due to smoking, this negatively affects the results.

Smoking also negatively affects bone density and health. As a result, the success rate of the operation decreases with smokers.

Dental Implants

Teeth implants and diabetes

Can a diabetic patient complete the operation?

Before the diabetic patient goes through the operation, the dentist requests the cumulative blood sugar level

This analysis shows, on average, what your blood sugar level has been during the past 3 months

If the level is within the acceptable limit, the operation can be completed

if diabetes level is high, the doctor requests to adjust it first then return approximately after 3 months

So, the operation can be performed in the event of a controlled and low diabetes rate.

Dental implants and heart disease

With regard to the heart patient and the completion of the operation, it is not possible to decide or perform the implantation process except with a written permission from the cardiologist with the words “There is no objection to performing dental implants Otherwise, the operation cannot be performed on a heart patient.

Immediate Dental Implants cost

in Turkey , Turk Aesthetic cost for the same day dental implants approximately 350$ each tooth.

to get precise answer please contact us via the link.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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