Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile in Turkey is one of the popular cosmetic treatments, especially in Turk Aesthetic. The Hollywood Smile is not only a cosmetic procedure, but it is also considered one of the therapeutic procedures. It is concerned with treating:

  • Caries.
  • Tooth erosion.
  • Incorrectly growing teeth (orthodontics).
  • Treatment for missing teeth (voids).
  • Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic veneer that made of veneer or Lumineers, zircon, porcelain and Emax.
  • Veneers or veneers are placed on the surface of the teeth to add a beautiful smile to your face.

here below some quick information about the process:

Procedure Duration2/4 Sessions (an hour each)
Return to daily activityImmediate
Things to considerAvoid dye drinks and solid foods
Procedure effectivenessThe results are permanent, as long as maintaining health of the teeth
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250 USD Approx.

FAQ- Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Why is the Hollywood Smile done?

The shape of our teeth would increase our confidence in ourselves, and vice versa, as it would decrease our confidence in ourselves as well.
Therefore, the most important factor that the Hollywood Smile plays is to increase our self-confidence by obtaining teeth with good shape and bright color. In other words, the first reason for the Hollywood Smile is to improve the overall appearance of a person.
The Hollywood Smile is also used as a therapeutic measure sometimes, as it saves us from problems such as: caries, tooth erosion and gum infections.

How does the Hollywood Smile work?

After the dentist finishes examining your teeth, a discussion with you about what is most appropriate to use for the teeth is Lumineers, veneer, zircon and porcelain
Then the doctor takes a dental print and it is sent to the laboratory, which designs the smile, then sends it back to the doctor, and the installation process begins according to the type of material chosen.

And what degree of whiteness do you need or want?

Yes, you can select the appropriate degree of whiteness for your condition or according to your own desire.

How long does the procedure take?

The Hollywood Smile procedure is one of the short procedures that give an immediate result, so the duration of the procedure in Turkey needs approximately 5 days in Turkey and two visits to the doctor. In the first visit, the teeth are examined, and a dental print is taken and sent to the laboratory. On the second visit, the dressings selected for the Hollywood Smile are placed and glued. This is the time it will take to make the Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood smile before and after
Hollywood smile before and after

Hollywood smile Cost in Turkey

Why does the cost differ from one place to another and what does it depend on?

  • The cost of the Hollywood Smile varies from place to place for several reasons.
  • The type of coatings and veneers used.
  • The quality of the raw materials from which the peels are made.
  • The doctor’s experience, cleverness and experience in his field. A doctor with more than 15 years of experience in his field cannot be a junior doctor.
  • The city and region the clinic is located in play a role in the price difference.
  • Additional services provided to you by the clinic, center, or doctor.

You cannot find two places in the world that give you the same prices and costs, so the cost of the Hollywood Smile varies from country to country and from place to place.

In Turkey, the costs of cosmetic procedures differ, especially dental cosmetic procedures .The cost differs from one city to another and from one clinic to another clinic in the same city, according to several factors, which we will mention to you later.

The price of the Hollywood Smile in Turkey ranges from 2000 dollars to 3500 dollars. The price may increase, especially if you need implants or certain treatments before undergoing the Hollywood Smile.

We cannot find any cosmetic procedure without benefits, and we can also say that in most cases the benefits of cosmetic procedures outweigh the damages and defects that can result from them. So, of course, the Hollywood Smile has many benefits. We will list them

Dental crown types

Dental veneers are used to cover natural teeth, or they can be used after undergoing dental implants. Dental veneers fall into two types: porcelain and zircon:

  1. Porcelain:
    Is silver material covered with porcelain or porcelain.
    2- Zircon:
    Zircon is a white mineral covered with a fused ceramic. Zircon is preferred for the front teeth or smile teeth, because its white color is permanent and cannot be exposed to stains and stains, as it gives a natural view of the teeth. It is also preferable to use porcelain for the back or side teeth.

Hollywood smile in Turkey Candidates

For every cosmetic procedure whether it has a dental relationship or not, there is a list of candidates who can undergo the procedure. The people who qualify for the Hollywood Smile are:

Everyone over the age of 20 years.
Who wants to have a white smile like the stars.
Everyone who suffers from dental problems, such as:
Caries, necrosis and tartar.
Who did not benefit from all types of evaluation.
For irregular teeth.
Who has spots and pigmentation due to smoking and drinking drinks that contain artificial dyes and colorings.

Hollywood Smile Advantages & Benefits

Each cosmetic procedure has its pros and cons, and the Hollywood smile has its pros and cons, so we will talk about the positives of the Hollywood smile. Among the most important positive aspects of the Hollywood Smile is the speed of obtaining the final result:

  • Attractive smile and excellent teeth shape and gives a very natural view as if it were real teeth.
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your smile.
  • Improving the outline of the face.
  • Preserving and protecting natural teeth.
  • The long life of the Hollywood Smile, which can be up to 10 years, without the need to replace lenses or wear.

As for the Benefits:

01- Get a new smile: Yes, by submitting to the Hollywood Smile, you will have obtained a new smile that will restore your sense of self-confidence, which is the most important thing that the Hollywood Smile offers you.

02- Get a new tooth color: If the Hollywood Smile procedure will provide you with a new color of teeth, you can control the degree of whiteness as you need or want, and the doctor can provide you with advice in this regard, but in the end the decision is yours alone!

03- Get rid of tooth spacing and space: The most important benefit of the Hollywood Smile is that it will cover you spaces and teeth spacing, especially if you do not want to undergo fixed or movable braces or transparent braces. The advantage of the Hollywood Smile is that it does not need a long time, just two visits to the doctor and you are ready.

04- Covering the irregularities of the teeth: Also, dental irregularities require straightening, it does not matter the type of orthodontic because all types of dental orthodontics need a time of at least 6 months, and in advanced cases, they need two years or more.
So, to save you this wasted time, and within one week, your new smile will be ready and present to restore your self-confidence and give you an attractive appearance.

Hollywood smile Defects

As we previously talked about the pros of the Hollywood smile, we will also talk about the negatives of the Hollywood smile:

  • You cannot return to your natural teeth, because the veneers cannot be removed without removing the natural enamel of the teeth.
  • Teeth become hypersensitive if enamel is removed.
  • Scales may crack and crack and may not be repaired. I must replace the broken veneer with another new one.
  • The color of the veneers cannot be modified or changed after applying them to the teeth.
  • Scales can fall off and not remain firm, especially if you have a habit of biting nails, opening cans with teeth and biting hard objects.
  • The biggest drawback is the high cost that you have to incur in order to get the Hollywood Smile.
  • Important information about the procedure

Also there are several important information that you should know about Hollywood smile:

  • The peels used in the Hollywood Smile procedure have a specific life depending on the quality of the raw materials used in their manufacture, and the shelf life of the peels ranges from 5 years to 10 years in case the raw materials are of good quality.
  • You should ask the doctor about the nature of the raw materials used in the manufacture of veneers.
  • The veneers placed from you do not need any effort or extra care, but you must preserve them as if it is your natural teeth using toothpaste, dental floss and daily rinse. Otherwise, you will endanger oral health and you may be infected or cause yourself irreversible consequences.
  • The doctor advises to reduce the amount of drinking tea, coffee and juices that contain artificial colorants and dyes.

Hollywood smile results

  • The results after making the Hollywood Smile are impressive, very good, and even excellent, and it is one of the procedures with direct results.
  • And it is of a very long term, and it is the first thing that the doctor should tell you.
  • We will not end if we talk about the success of the Hollywood Smile in our clinics, so we will leave you with the following pictures of the Hollywood Smile that were designed in our clinics.
Hollywood Smile Before & After – Turk Aesthetic

Veneers Types

There are two types of dental veneers or cosmetic veneers.

01- The first type is veneers
Veneers are contact lenses or cosmetic veneers that are made of very hard ceramic materials. They are very thin in a way that after they are attached to the teeth they look very natural.

02-The second type is luminaire
It is like veneers and can be called porcelain veneers, but what makes Lumineers different from it is that its composition and manufacture are somewhat different from regular veneers.

It can be installed without modify the shape of the teeth on the contrary, which makes it easy to install.

It does not need much time to complete, like other dental treatments, and unlike dental veneers such as zircon and porcelain, which need to modify the shape and sculpt the teeth.

Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile

The most important benefits of dental peels

  • No need to sculpt and modify the shape of the teeth.
  • Finish stains and pigmentation problems forever because the peels are made of materials that tolerate natural factors.
  • Cover the spacing in the shape of the teeth.
  • Covering irregular teeth.
  • Protects natural teeth.

What is clear aligners?

  • The transparent braces or the Invisalign is an innovative new technology to correct the curvature of the teeth, and this method is preferred by many people who prefer to stay with crooked teeth and do not use the traditional metal braces.
  • Therefore, the most important function of the transparent orthodontic functions is to straighten the teeth and curvature without pain and without your need to visit the doctor permanently during certain periods.
  • And the most important characteristic of the transparent orthodontic is the ease of installation, removal and can be placed.

Side effects

Yes, the Hollywood Smile has damages and defects, but it is important to mention that these damages and defects are not necessary to happen with everyone, but you can avoid them if you choose the right doctor and medical clinic.

The importance of the doctor’s expertise and experience in his field is to ensure that no damages occur after the Hollywood Smile. Among the damages that can occur after the Hollywood Smile are:

Tooth Decay
Yes, the teeth can be exposed to decay from under the veneers and dental veneers, and here the teeth will be subjected to erosion, which will cause the tooth to become weak and inflamed, and then you will have to remove it and replace it with a dental implant.

But of course, not in all cases of the Hollywood Smile, but it may happen if the teeth are not treated before undergoing the installation of dental veneers or cosmetic veneers, and it is the first thing that the doctor should tell you if you need to treat dental problems or not.

Gum infections
If the veneers and veneers are installed in a size larger than the normal size of the teeth or if they are installed incorrectly, in this case the gums will become inflamed and exposed to wounds.

One of the most important things that we have to protect is the gums because it means oral health in general.

Sculpt the natural tooth structure

Because it is compulsory and compulsory, and because you get regular and appropriate size coatings, the doctor is forced to sculpt natural teeth to be able to install veneers and veneers, which is a mandatory procedure before undergoing the Hollywood Smile.

Note: Turk Aesthetic offers you a free doctor’s examination and a 360-degree panoramic radio for free.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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