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Hollywood smile in Istanbul Obtaining an attractive smile and beautiful white teeth that are not overlapping is an obsession that haunts everyone. It may cause yellow, overlapping or irregular teeth, a cause of embarrassment for many that prevents them from laughing spontaneously in times of fun with others, and for some we notice a vast difference in the size of the upper teeth from the lower ones Or the front from the back, and we may find long and short teeth in a row, and this may be shameful for some, especially in job interviews that need an attractive appearance or on occasions. It was noted that traditional methods of teeth whitening and others did not work, and this is why a tendency began for everyone to get a Hollywood smile, especially since all Celebrities did this procedure until it was also called the celebrity smile, as it became everyone’s interest in getting teeth aligned and bright white.

What is the Hollywood smile in Turkey? How do we get it? What distinguishes the Hollywood smile in Turkey from other countries??

What is a Hollywood smile in Istanbul

Hollywood smile is a set of medical procedures that the patient resorts to from treating dental problems and defects and reaching a better condition and a more attractive appearance. These procedures include:

Treating caries, root canal injuries, dental erosion, tooth growth deviations, dental abscesses, missing teeth, gum infections…

Teeth cleaning and removal of accumulated tartar.

Installing what is known as veneers, which are lenses that are installed on the teeth, and the aim is to obtain the desired appearance of the teeth. The patient must know before starting the Hollywood smile procedures, a comprehensive assessment of the dental condition and a plan of action by the specialist doctor. If the patient does not suffer from any dental problems, he can install the lenses directly, but if he suffers from some problems and the dental condition is bad, this requires specifying a certain number of sessions in order to address the problems.

Resorting to this type of smile is mainly for cosmetic purposes, but certainly Hollywood smile and these porcelain veneers can treat some dental problems, which are:

Teeth that have changed color and stained with some spots
Teeth with large cosmetic fillings that have lost their color and become different from the color of the neighboring teeth.
chipped teeth
Teeth that suffer from deviation or are not equal in size and length, and their shape is inappropriate with the rest of the teeth
Teeth that have spaces between them.

Types of dental lenses

Veneers are the most common name for dental lenses, which is the essential part of the Hollywood smile process. Veneers are called a large group of brands of lenses, the most famous of which is Lumineers, which is one of the best types of lenses, the least thick and the most solid, and also the least demanding of the thickness of the cold before installing the lenses.

It is always recommended to use the best types of dental lenses that can be obtained based on the patient’s budget because cheap lenses may cause many problems for the teeth and also may give a less natural appearance, be easier to break and less in their lifespan, in short, invest in the best lenses that can be obtained because they will last with you for a long time.

Types of Hollywood smile in Turkey

Veneers lenses
E-max lenses
Hollywood Smile 3D

Who are the people who are suitable for a smile?

Hollywood smile is a magic solution for almost anyone who wants to have white teeth free from defects and pigmentation that limit the beauty of the teeth
But the procedure for this operation includes some minor restrictions, such as not being able to perform it for children or adolescents
It can also not be performed for those who suffer from problems in the growth of teeth or some kind of orthodontics
Make sure your teeth are stable and growing before getting a Hollywood smile
Hollywood smile surgery requires a person who has complete teeth and does not suffer from fundamental problems such as the loss of a large number of teeth

Instructions before the procedure

The most important information that must be taken into account before making the decision to put peels:

Veneers usually remain on the teeth for approximately 5 to 10 years before being replaced
Veneers do not require any additional care, but they should continue to clean the teeth using the usual brush, floss and mouthwash
Although porcelain veneers are resistant to stains, the doctor may advise reducing the amount of food or drink that causes these stains on the teeth, such as tea and coffee.
In general, before deciding to get a Hollywood smile and put veneers on, you must know all the information related to the subject, so you must talk to the doctor and ask him all questions.

Hollywood smile in Istanbul – Process Steps

Obtaining a Hollywood smile and installing veneers may not include all teeth, and the doctor may be satisfied with installing these veneers on the front teeth only, or those teeth that suffer from the previously mentioned problems.

Diagnosis and treatment planning
This step includes an explanation to the doctor about the results that the patient expects, and the doctor examines the teeth to make sure that the veneers are suitable for the patient and explains to the person the mechanism that he will follow

The preparation of the teeth to put the scales on them includes removing 0.5 millimeters of enamel from the surface of the tooth, which is approximately the thickness of the scales that will be placed on the tooth. Then the doctor makes a model of the scales by sending them to the laboratory, and this process takes 1-2 weeks.

Experiment and finish:
Before the final placement of the veneers to get a Hollywood smile, the doctor will take several steps as follows:

Placing the crusts on the teeth to ensure the color and size, as he will be able to trim the crusts according to what is required if they are not suitable.
Cleaning the teeth to install the veneers permanently using a custom adhesive after making sure that the veneers are suitable for the teeth.
Placing waves of light intended to install the crusts.
The doctor may ask the patient to return after several weeks to examine the gums and make sure of their reaction to the new crusts, in addition to checking the location of these crusts.

Hollywood smile in Istanbul Advantages

Hollywood smile provides you with advantages that are not available in any other dental treatment, such as:

You will get perfect white teeth immediately after installing the lenses, meaning that the Hollywood smile process is an immediate process
You will not need to wait for several sessions to get results, as in some cosmetic dental procedures
You will get a permanent result for a few years that you will not get in other techniques, the results are temporary
You will not need to replace the lenses you installed until after about 8 or 10 years
Hollywood smile protects your teeth as it works to add an outer layer on the teeth, it practically puts a barrier between tooth enamel and food and soft drinks
This smile will also give you harmonious white teeth that increase your psychological comfort and self-confidence like no other.

Side effects

Incorrect installation of dental lenses may lead to difficulty in completely occluding the jaw in some cases
In the long run, some minor abnormalities may arise
Dental lenses are not repairable, so you must replace the entire lens when any crack or break occurs
Doing a dental file is an irreversible process, and the teeth will appear after a bad appearance
Because the installation of lenses will include a small thickness of the teeth, which causes some complications
You will have to constantly take care of your mouth and teeth, and neglecting care leads to serious consequences for oral health
There are some cases that suffered from sensitivity of the teeth towards some hot foods and drinks after the installation of dental lenses.
The appearance of an unpleasant smell in the mouth in the absence of permanent oral and dental care.

Animated Hollywood smile

The mobile Hollywood smile expresses another technique that is similar to the fixed Hollywood smile in some aspects, but it differs greatly in cost, as you will not need many of the procedures required for the fixed Hollywood smile.

Instead of installing individual lenses for each tooth separately, a complete cover is installed for each row of teeth in a fixed Hollywood smile. This dental cover gives a good and reasonable appearance of the teeth, even if it is less natural than single dental lenses.


The cover used in this technique is less durable and needs to be replaced every two years or less. It is also not designed to be eaten or chewed while wearing it. Because the teeth are not cooled before the Hollywood smile is installed, you may find it difficult to close the jaw.

On the other hand, we find that this procedure is much less expensive, easier to install, and can be undone when dissatisfied with the results, and this is not available in a fixed Hollywood smile, as it is considered a permanent solution that cannot be undone.

What is the cost of a Hollywood smile in Istanbul?

A Hollywood smile is one of the most expensive cosmetic procedures, as it is one of the most expensive dental procedures, and the cost is determined on the basis of several factors, including:

The condition of the mouth and primary teeth, and the treatments you need before installing the lenses
The type of lenses that will be installed and the number of teeth on which the lenses will be installed
The extent of the reputation and skill of the dentist, the reputation of the medical center and the country in which it is located.
On the basis of these factors, the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is estimated between 500 to 3000 US dollars.

The cost may reach up to 4000 US dollars in the case of using the most expensive Lumineer lenses.

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