Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile Treatment
Gummy Smile Treatment

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Gummy Smile Treatment


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Gummy Smile Treatment Laser gum beautification often causes the appearance of a large part of the gums embarrassment and shame during laughter, and it may form for some people a phobia of laughter and this forces the owner to isolate sometimes and share moments of fun with his peers, gum laughter or gummy smile may also cause teeth to appear smaller than normal or strange. Desirable.

What is Gummy Smile Treatment

This technique is based on cutting a part of the gum about 1-3 mm with the mediation of the laser, and this can be transformed into the entire length of the gum or a specific area depending on the purpose, and it is often that the teeth appear beautiful to give a wonderful smile. Bleeding and rapid healing of gum wounds.

How is gum plastic surgery performed?

Local anesthesia is used, and the process is accompanied by a process of flushing and fixing the teeth to make them look more natural.

Do you know about laser gum?

Laser gum also falls under the banner of laser gum beautification, so the gray or black gum color of smokers turns pink, and some drug treatments or genetic factors may cause pigmentation of the gums.

The operation use laser with local anesthesia, where the doctor exposes the gums more than once to the laser to return to the natural pink color, mainly depending on the ability of dark cells to absorb the laser radiation, which helps him to exfoliate the pigmented gum layers and restore them to normal again

Cases require treating

  • In some cases of periodontal sinuses
  • After straightening, to fully align the shape of the jaw
  • With unorganized or short teeth

Gummy Smile Treatment Advantages

  • Speed ​​of wound healing
  • Reducing bleeding gums
  • Improve the appearance of the gums
  • Bring back the natural pink color of the gums
  • Get a great smile by improving the appearance of the teeth
  • Reducing the risk of infection with bacteria

As for the defects, they include:

  • In some rare cases, the gums return to place before plastic surgery
  • Some cases of food and beverage allergies after delivery
  • Relatively high cost of cutting and supplying, being a cosmetic procedure
  • Teeth appear larger and longer than normal
Turk Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Gummy Smile Treatment Cost

The cost varies depending on several factors, including:

According to the skill and fame of the doctor
If she needs procedures
It also differs whether the cosmetic is along the gums or for a specific area
In Turkey, the cost of gum cutting ranges between $ 300 and $ 1000, and it is an approximation to the price of laser gum supply, ranging between $ 500 and $ 1000.

You can contact the Turk Aesthetic center via the link to get a more accurate cost and visit YouTube for other visual information.