Gummy Smile Correction

Gummy Smile Correction
Gummy Smile Correction

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Gummy Smile Correction


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Gummy Smile Correction (Gingival smile) treatment We must not despair of having a gummy smile because this smile is not permanent and can be treated.

There are many ways to treat gummy smile, we will talk about it in this article.

What is a gummy smile

A person who suffers from a gummy smile is known by the appearance of the gums significantly above the teeth when he laughs or smiles, that is, more than 1 to 3 mm from the gum, then this smile is considered gingival.
This smile causes a problem for most people, some of them cause them a lack of confidence in their smile, which causes them to put their hands on their mouth when laughing, and some describe their laughter as unattractive.

When getting a gingival smile, we have to review the dentist to determine the dimensions of the problem, the extent of gum width, and whether the problem is due to a root problem in the teeth.

After determining the cause of the problem by the doctor, he performs some tests to ensure the integrity of the roots of the teeth and the jawbone.

After performing the previous procedures, a treatment method is suggested, meaning that knowing the scientist that causes a gingival smile and one of the most important practical steps is to know how to correct this problem.

Gummy Smile Correction
Gummy Smile Correction

Treatment Methods

  1. Botox for gummy smile

    It is the best way for those who do not have the courage to change the shape of their smile, as the Botox injection disappears after 3 months or more and works to freeze the upper lip muscle, which reduces the size of its height when smiling

  2. Laser therapy

    It is considered one of the most effective methods of treating a gingival smile, as the laser works to remove the excess tissue in the gums through light waves, and then a larger section of the upper teeth appears and thus the smile becomes more attractive.

  3. Orthodontics

    In the event that the problem of the gingival smile is a defect in the growth of the teeth, then the teeth will be the appropriate treatment for that. Orthodontics correct the location of the teeth and highlight their size more. It is worth noting that it is a long-term treatment and this depends on the bad condition of the teeth. Years

  4. Surgery option

    It is one of the most difficult ways to correct a gummy smile because the doctor uses it to correct the position of the jaw through the internal bone sculpting process. This process is somewhat difficult operations, but it has effective results.

  5. Traditional way (naturally)

    So far, natural treatment using herbs has not proven its ability to solve the problem of gingival smile, but the effectiveness of natural herbs is limited to the cleanliness and whiteness of the teeth only.

Gummy smile reasons

  • Teeth not growing properly, making them appear smaller than their normal size.
  • Exaggeration in the movement of the upper lip muscles towards the top, which leads to the appearance of the gums more clearly
  • A problem in the bones and muscles of the jaw, as they are not consistent with the shape of the entire jaw
  • The size of the upper lip is genetically very small
  • Inflammation or swelling of the upper lip

Finally, and to get the cost of the gummy smile treatment from leaving a static, according to the method you prefer and that suits your case, we can determine the price accordingly.

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