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Gingivectomy is one of the cosmetic options for the teeth, which may be a complementary procedure to other operations such as the Hollywood smile, or it may be an independent cosmetic procedure when two-thirds of the laughing teeth body is immersed in the gums, so the beauty of the teeth is not apparent in addition to the occurrence of functional problems as a result of the length of the gums when the gums are a suitable environment for the gathering Bacteria and germs due to lack of attention to dental hygiene.

How is Gingivectomy done?

Gingivectomy is a simple procedure that is done by laser removing the tissue that covers the largest part of the teeth.

Usually, the part of the gum to be removed is relative according to each case, but it does not exceed 3 mm in all cases.

Procedure details

  • After examining the x-ray, the doctor applies local anesthesia to the gums.
  • By using protective glasses for laser light, the doctor begins applying the laser rays to the fleshy growths of the gums gradually until the teeth appear more beautiful and attractive.
  • The patient rinses after the doctor completes the procedure and applies sterile fluids to the mouth to prevent any infection.
  • The Gingivectomy procedure does not exceed 45 minutes.
  • The patient can leave the clinic immediately after completion and can also complete the dental plan with a Hollywood smile or otherwise immediately after cutting the gums without any problems.
  • The operation is safe and there are no complications or risks.
  • Some painkillers or anti-inflammatories can be used to avoid any slight pain that may occur after the operation after the effect of the anesthetic wears off.

Instructions after Gingivectomy

  1. Avoid hard foods that require effort when chewing
  2. Use water and salt to rinse the mouth or any other medical sanitizer daily and periodically.
  3. Avoid brushing your teeth with hard or hard toothbrushes, as they cause bleeding gums.
  4. hot drinks and stick to soft, easy-to-chew foods.
  5. smoking during the recovery phase in order not to cause any complications or gum infections.

Finally, it is worth noting that Gingivectomy is a simple and completely safe procedure

and it is effective to show the beauty of the teeth when they are immersed in the gums.

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