Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental Veneers in Turkey
Dental Veneers in Turkey

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Dental Veneers in Turkey


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Dental Veneers in Turkey are one of the fastest ways to get a beautiful smile with a distinctive color

It is the ideal treatment for broken or yellow teeth, which are separated by spaces, thin teeth that contain broken parts, or teeth that contain cracks.

But before we make the decision to have dental veneers installed, we must review all the correct information about dental veneers, what are their costs, and how to take care of them.

Quick information about dental veneers process

Procedure Duration1.30 hour approx. for each session
Session number3-4 Sessions
Procedure aimCosmetic dentistry (smile row)
Results continuityAround 15 years (under the condition of dental care)
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250$ per tooth according to material type
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What is dental veneers?

Dental veneers or dental veneers, sometimes called porcelain veneers

They are thin strips made of colored materials that cover the front and edges of the tooth, which are followed to solve dental problems such as fractures or thinning of the teeth, voids, yellowing of the teeth and others, as this method is an ideal cosmetic treatment.

Dental veneers are made of porcelain or composite materials.

The veneers are installed after consulting the doctor and inspecting all the teeth and treating them in the event of any problem or decay.

dental veneers
dental veneers

Dental veneers step by step

Dental veneers are a fixed procedure that we cannot undo after performing it because the doctor performs an operation to remove a small part of the enamel and sometimes needs an operation to reduce the tooth and change its natural shape. As a result, we cannot remove the veneers if there is no suitable alternative to it.

Dental veneers is a painless procedure, as the patient is anesthetized locally during the procedure

As for then, the patient will feel some pain and sensitivity in the gums due to slight changes that the gums will experience around the tooth that underwent the operation, but with painkillers we can overcome it.

A temporary veneer is installed before the operation as a pre-trial for the fixed veneers so that the patient can give his observations on the basis of which the fixed veneers can be modified before installing it to suit the patient’s taste and needs.

Dental veneers last for a long time, about 15 to 25 years before they crack or break, so we must know that it will not last a full life and that we have to replace it after this period has passed.

How are dental veneers done

As we mentioned previously, the patient must visit the dentist, examine his teeth, make sure that they are healthy, free from any problems or decay, and that his gums are in good health and do not contain any diseases or infections.

Then the doctor removes 1-2 millimeters of enamel surface of the teeth, which is equal to the thickness of the veneer veneer, which will be added to it later.

Then he takes an impression of the teeth and sends it to the laboratory in order to make the appropriate veneers for the patient’s condition.

Before the final fitting and after the veneers are ready, the doctor installs them temporarily to be examined and to know their suitability and the extent of color matching, as they are modified to become completely identical to the patient’s condition.

Then the teeth are cleaned, polished, veneers are installed, and a special light beam is applied to exfoliate the teeth in order for the veneers to harden faster.

Then the excess crust is removed, if any, and final adjustments are made, after which the doctor will ask the patient to review him after several weeks to check the extent of the gum response.

Advantages of dental veneers

  • The process of installing dental veneers is an ideal cosmetic procedure as it gives the patient the desired result as quickly as possible without the need for general anesthesia and surgery.
  • Veneers help to hide all dental imperfections, making the smile as attractive as the smile of Hollywood actors.
  • The veneers last for a long period of about 15 to 25 years.
  • It does not cause gum infections
  • The color of the veneers remains stable over time

Defects of veneers

  • Dental veneers do not protect against cavities
  • Teeth become sensitive after installing veneers due to enamel removal
  • It is necessary to go to a specialist and highly experienced doctor, so that we are not exposed to a state of mismatch of the color of the veneers with the natural color of the teeth.
  • We must avoid chewing and cracking hard objects to avoid the crust falling off.
  • It is very expensive and difficult to repair, and we often resort to replacing it, despite the difficulty of the matter as well.

Dental veneers cost in Turkey

The cost of veneers per tooth ranges between $ 150 – $ 450, depending on material type and doctor experience.

At Turk Esthetic, we strive to provide moderate prices, high-quality service, and deal with the best and most efficient doctors.

The cost of dental veneers in Turkey – Turk static starts from 150 – 250 dollars.

You can contact us via the link to get the exact cost, or visit YouTube for visual information.


Is there a relation between veneer and mouth odor?

Lack of hygiene leads to the emergence of bad breath due to the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and between the teeth, so it is recommended to clean the teeth immediately after food.
Failure to properly install the veneers also leads to the gathering of food remnants in the corners of the teeth and under the veneer layer, then you should see a doctor because it is possible to replace the veneers in this case.

Does dental pain occur after installing veneers?

In the event of a defect in one of the dental sizes or a mistake in installing the veneers as a result of not removing the adhesive materials from around the tooth, it leads to irritation and inflammation of the gums.

Can the veneers be removed?

It is not possible to remove the veneers without placing a suitable replacement, because the process of installing veneers does not take place until after changes occur to the natural shape of the teeth, so it is not possible to remove it without a suitable alternative to cover the teeth with it instead of the veneer layer.