Dental Lumineers In Turkey

dental lumineers in Turkey 2020
Dental Lumineers In Turkey

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Dental Lumineers In Turkey


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Dental lumineers in Turkey are a veneer that is placed or worn on the teeth, and it is one of the most popular dental procedures in demand for ease of installation so that the teeth do not need to be prepared just a simple curving from the front side of the teeth and it’s not like the crowns needs to carve the entire tooth.

Lumineers use cases:

  • Fill in the dental space.
  • Who has a simple rotation with his teeth.
  • Protection of teeth that are damaged or prone to damage.
  • Get a white smile.

How is the procedure in Turkey?

The procedure is very simple, as the doctor simply brush the teeth, because at that time the laboratory makes the mold. After that, the doctor uses reliable medical materials to fix the crusts on the teeth.

We should also mention that the lumineer scales are very natural and thin, so that their thickness does not exceed 0.2 mm, and thus they cannot be annoyed the patient at the moment of its installation.

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Dental Lumineers treatment period

First, you need to visit the doctor 2 times to get attractive white teeth.

At the first time.

The doctor takes a template for your teeth and sends it to the laboratory to prevent scaling in proportion to your teeth, and choosing the degree of whiteness and shadows you want or that suit you and fit your smile.

The second time?

The dentist attends and verifies that the scales are suitable for your teeth, and then fixes them with reliable medicinal materials without any pain or discomfort.

Lumineers Advantage

  • Very thin scales not exceeding 2 mm, so as not to disturb the creator.
  • Do not cause irritation to the teeth.
  • It does not hurt and does not need to be heavily quilted or sculpted, unlike the veneer that causes pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • Protect damaged and prone teeth.
  • Lumineers are durable and last for a very long time so that people do not need to see a doctor frequently.
  • Lumineers has a permanent white color that preserves their luster and brilliance for a lifetime. The rest of the veneer known to the dental world are facing pigmentation and yellowing. In this case, they need to visit the doctor again and again and they costing more to maintain it unlike the lumineers.

Lumineers use cases

  • Cracked teeth.
  • Teeth scratched and spotted.
  • Damaged.
  • Spaced teeth.
  • Slightly unacceptable.
  • An alternative to orthodontics.

Dental lumineers in Turkey Cost

The cost varies from country to country in Turkey. The cost depends on several causes:

  • The reputation of the medical center.
  • Doctor’s experience and skill.
  • The quality of the materials used.
  • The number of teeth to be dressed.

The cost in Turkey for the year 2020 ranges from 250 to 350 USD per tooth if the American EMAX is used.

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Note: The consultation can be done over the phone by sending pictures of the teeth via WhatsApp.