Dental implants in turkey

Dental implants in Turkey Istanbul are metal implants that place in place surgically lost teeth, as they are the new base for the tooth.
Teeth can implant in the upper and lower jaws, as new implants are placed in a way that matches the shape of the teeth.

Also, implanting teeth in place of other lost ones can restore your self-confidence that you may have lost as a result of losing one of the teeth, dental implants are good for preserving the general health of the teeth as they make us avoid many of the problems that we are indispensable to us about.

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Dental implants Cost in Turkey

As we have previously talked about, the prices and cost of plastic surgery in Turkey are very suitable for other countries,

especially dental implants, which can reach 2000 dollars or more in some countries, but in Turkey there is an average cost ranging from 350 dollars to 700 dollars for implants.

The one, but we have to remind you that this cost may change from one region to another in Turkey and from one place to another in the same city.

For example, in Istanbul, if you investigate the cost and prices, you will notice that the cost varies widely from one place to another,

according to several factors, including the quality of the products used, the doctor’s expertise and cleverness and his reputation in the cosmetic environment, the quality of services provided and the location of the clinic.

Dental implants Advantages

Every cosmetic procedure has advantages and advantages. Dental implants also have important advantages that cannot overlook
Among the advantages of dental implants in Turkey:

  • -Get rid of traditional techniques.
  • -Getting rid of voids that negatively affect the smile.
  • -Stop converging teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.
  • -The possibility of making a bridge with natural teeth.
  • -No need to make traditional bridges or movable jaws.
  • -The possibility of implantation immediately after tooth extraction.
  • -Get teeth that cannot distinguish from natural teeth.
  • -The possibility of installing dental bridges over it even if there are no teeth at all.
  • -Short duration of the procedure.
  • -And there is no need for general or total anesthesia.
dental implant before & after
Dental implant Before & After

Dental implant procedure steps

  1. General dental examination.
  2. Panoramic image to determine bone and gum strength.
  3. Undergo the extraction process if there is a need for extraction and extraction.
  4. You can wait a return period of days, or you can undergo the procedure for installing the metal implant on the same day.
  5. Dressing the implant with crowns made of certain materials. You can specify the type of crown or cap.
  6. These steps can take place in one day, that is, one visit to the doctor, or it may extend to 3 visits, according to your need.

Dental implant after extraction

Some people have a void of a congenital nature, or they have undergone tooth extraction within a certain period, so they are without the need for extraction.

As for others, the tooth is broken or not previously extracted properly, and there are others who want to replace the real teeth with implanted ones in order to avoid problems in the future. You can pull out and start the implantation process on the same day, or you can wait for the gums to heal, meaning a few days.

The doctor determines for you whether you can start the implantation process immediately after extraction, or whether you have to wait.

Immediate Dental implant Placement

Immediate dental implantation is a technique of implantation that does not need a long time, and it is suitable for people whose bone formation is strong and they have one or two spaces, so the doctor installs the metal implant and in the same session he wears the implanted tooth on the same day.

In normal cases, especially for elderly people, they must wait 3 to 6 months after transplantation to be able to coat
If some people, and most of them are in the age of 20 or 30, they can plant and coat on the same day without having to wait for long months with annoying spaces in the mouth.

The cost of immediate dental implants

Immediate dental implants are less expensive and more expensive than traditional implants, due to the reduction in the number of treatment stages and sessions.

The average cost of immediate dental implants in Turkey ranges from $ 1500 to $ 3000. It is worth noting that this cost is relatively low, if we compare it with the cost of immediate implantation in large countries such as the United States, the United Nations and other countries in some countries. The cost is 30.000 dollars.
You can contact us to get the cost of immediate dental implantation at reasonable prices.

Dental implant experiences

Each person in us has a different experience, even if it is in the same field.

All of Turk Aesthetic clients have positive and good experiences, especially in the field of dental implants.
We publish the videos of our grateful clients on social media and YouTube, or you can obtain them by requesting them from one of our medical advisors by communicating with us.
You can also get our clients pictures before and after the dental implant operation.

before after dental implants
before after dental implants

Dental implant placement techniques

There are several ways to implant teeth, including what we mentioned before.

immediate implantation suitable for people and youth on the same day without the need to wait for a certain period of time before dressing.

First, a temporary crown take place until the implant heals in the bone, and then you can get a permanent crown or a permanent dressing.

As for the second technique, it is the technique of transplantation with hexagonal or semi-total anesthesia, for people who fear operations.

The third technique is the traditional technique, which needs to wait about 3 months for the bone to heal, and after that, you can complete the process by dressing the tooth.

Pain after dental implants surgery

The dental implant process is one of the operations in which pain is estimated to be light and not strong, and with some painkillers and medicines that the doctor will prescribe for you, they can get rid of any minor pain.

One of the most important developments in dentistry is dental implantation, which is characterized by new techniques, not traditional ones.

Instructions after dental implant surgery

With regard to every medical or cosmetic procedure, the doctor gives specific instructions that the patient must follow closely until the result of the operation is complete success. Among the instructions that you must follow are:

  • Keep taking antibiotics and painkillers on time.
  • Stay away or stop smoking completely.
  • Use sterilizers and medical solutions recommended by the doctor.
  • The doctor prevents you from practicing work that requires any physical strength, especially driving and sports.
  • Soft foods are specified for you such as salads, soups, and liquid foods, and you are prohibited from eating hard food or that needs to be chewed for a long time.

Dental implant procedure bone graft

Strengthening the jaw bone by bone tissue, or what is called boncraft, and this boncraft is used to strengthen the bones for elderly people or for people who have a cavity or for people who suffer from osteoporosis.

So if the tooth is implanted without strengthening the bone, the dental implant will not fix its place and the implant will fail because there is simply no strong basis for the metal implant to be based on, the chewing process, and if you do not feel this, it needs a certain strength to be done properly.

After placing the tissue, it is necessary to wait a certain period for the tissue to grow and to strengthen the jaw bones before undergoing dental implants
This period is determined by the doctor after examining the condition of your jaw bones.

You can check the bones of your jaws by making a panoramic image and showing it to your doctor, or you can contact us for a medical advice.

Tooth crown after implant

And these coatings come of several types that you can use after dental implantation or even without undergoing implants .Crowns or veneers can be placed over natural teeth to get a more beautiful smile.

Types of Crowns

Porcelain: a mixture of silver clad with earthenware or porcelain. It is preferable to use porcelain for the back or not front teeth.
Zirconium: It is a white sheathed mineral material coated with glazed porcelain to give a very beautiful result similar to natural teeth. Zircon is preferred for the front teeth.

before after dental implants
before after dental implants

What is the criteria for dental implants?

There are certain conditions for you to be able to undergo dental implants

  • Healthy and do not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Not to be one of the people suffering from high pressure.
  • That your bones are strong, meaning you do not suffer from osteoporosis.
  • Not smoking, drugs or alcohol.
  • The stage between dental implantation and crown.

Side effects

Every cosmetic procedure, whether it is a surgical procedure for the body or for the teeth, has a side effect.

The beauty of the dental implant procedure is that its side effects are very few and very limited. We enumerate them for you:

A slight or very slight swelling.
Also slight or slight redness.
Some mild pain that may disappear by using the pain reliever that the doctor prescribes for you after the dental implant procedure.
Also, do not forget that the more you take antibiotics and the medications prescribed by the doctor, the less side effects will be, the faster you will recover.

Dental implants lifetime

For all dental procedures in which certain materials are used, they have a good life span. If you want to keep the dental implants for a long period of 10 to 20 years, you should search for a clinic and a doctor. Those who use very high quality raw materials and make sure of the doctor’s experience in his field.

If you check these two details and follow the doctor’s instructions the more good it is for you. The more closely you follow the instructions, the greater the life span of dental implants.

Who qualifies for dental implants

For each procedure there are qualified and unqualified persons, the ones who are eligible are:

Those who have tooth spaces.
And everyone who is over the age of 20 years and this age is adhered to because we need to have the growth of the jaw complete, otherwise the doctor will not be able to perform the implant.

As for inappropriate cases:

Excessive smokers.
Drug and alcohol addicts.
And people with chronic diseases such as stress, heart, diabetes and other diseases.

Dental implants materials

There are two types of Sunni dressings, as we talked earlier
Porcelain and zircon, and each type prefer to place in specific places.

For example, zircon has a very natural shape and suggests that the teeth are very natural and beautiful, so it is preferable to place it in the front, i.e. the place of the smile.

As for porcelain, it is prefer to place the back teeth. We should remind you that you can choose the degree of whiteness you prefer, or the doctor can advise you of the color that suits you.

Dental implants in turkey – Methods

There are several methods of dental implants, including:

Dental implants using conventional surgery.
Dental implants using laser.

Types of dental implants crowns

As for the types, they are also several:

Endosteal implantation, this type of implantation depends on the jawbone, where a nail or screw place between the gums and the jawbone.
Superiosteal implantation This method or type use in the absence of enough bone in the jaw, so the doctor places a metal piece install over the gum to support the dental implant.
The zygomatic implantation is a complex quality rarely using in dental implants.

Maxillary cavity lift

Lifting the maxillary cavity, or the so-called sinus lift or lifting, is a surgical procedure done by the dentist’s grandfather that aims to increase the bones of the upper jaw to obtain bone strength that can carry teeth or dental implants

The membrane is lifted and the bone graft is placed under it, and after that a certain period is waited for the bones to grow, the jaw is raised and given the necessary strength, and when this stage is completed, the teeth are implanted in their specified places.

The waiting period after lifting the maxillary cavity determine by the doctor after examining the condition of your jaw. Do not forget that you can contact us to get medical advice.

before after dental implants
before after dental implants

Dental implants near me

Turk Aesthetic is near you whenever your are looking good prices / high quality of service in Turkey:

We use very high quality products and materials.
Our doctors are well-known and have at least 8 years of experience in their field.
medical consultants have at least 3 years of experience in the field and they are available to serve you in the best possible way.
the prices are very reasonable due to the quality of the work we provide.
Translation services and inspections are free of charge. We are very willing to offer you.
We are available to answer all your questions as soon as possible before and after the procedure.

When you contact us, you will be able to directly receive a free preview over the phone. When you rely on the implant, we will provide you with a doctor’s examination in the clinic for free, accompanied by a panoramic image of the teeth to see the state of healthy teeth in general.

You will also receive an interpretation service in the clinic by our specialized team with at least 5 years of experience
Do not worry, letting static offers you safe hands that you can trust without worrying.

FAQ – Dental implants in turkey

Is there pain during the dental implant process?

Any procedure is accompanied by little pain, either as a result of the procedure or as a result of anesthesia. However, the pain associated with making dental implants is a pain that can be tolerated and not disturbing.

Will anyone notice that I have transplanted?

After the completion of the dental veneers, no one will be able to notice that you have performed a dental implant except through radiography.

Should I plant all the vacuums if my void is large?

Usually the number of implants is proportional to the number of spaces present, and it is preferable to inquire directly from the doctor about this question, to take into account all the data.

How do I know that the doctor has a good experience in his work?

You can view past experiences and cases through social media pages. Or inquire about some pictures before and after the procedure.

How much does cultivation cost in Turkey?

The cost of dental implants varies according to the quality, type used, and the number of metal implants, and usually ranges between 350 to 800 dollars for the Swiss types.

How long does it take to stay in Turkey?

To perform the metal implants only without wearing, usually we need 3 to 7 days as a maximum.

How long is the procedure?

The duration of the procedure ranges from 1 to 2 hours per session.

How many visits do I need to the doctor?

Usually the patient needs 2 to 4 visits as a maximum.

Turk Aesthetic & VIP services for Dental implants in turkey

At Turk Aesthetic, there are additional services that we can offer you according to your request, including:

-Reception and farewell at the airport.
-Transportation insurance to and from the airport.
-Drivers with multiple experiences and languages.
-We track the flight to receive you in a timely manner.
-Transportation insurance from the hotel to the clinic or hospital, and vice versa.
-Secure hotel reservations according to your requirements and needs.
-All you have to do is communicate with our consultants in Turk Aesthetic via our phone numbers, by contacting us through our contact pages, you —can fill out a contact form on our website or you can send an email
And we will contact you as soon as possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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