Dental Crowns In Turkey

dental crowns in turkey 2020
Dental Crowns In Turkey

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Dental Crowns In Turkey


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Dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul for the year 2020 has become one of the most popular procedures that everyone who suffers from dental problems, especially in shape and structure in terms of necrosis or caries, has to keep the teeth healthy and obtain a beautiful shape.

Using teeth crowns reasons

  • Beautiful shape teeth like the celebrity’s teeth.
  • To protect teeth from fragility and maintain their strength.
  • Or the make teeth crowns when it exposed to fragility to preserve them as much as possible.
  • It is also placed over mineral cultivation.

Dental Crowns In Turkey – Video

Dental Crowns Types In Turkey

This procedure is used in several cases, Including the aforementioned, including a purely cosmetic procedure, or as it is called with a smile of Hollywood, and it has several types, the most important are:

  1. Porcelain or ceramic

    They are crowns made internally of silver or other metal and externally from porcelain, which gives the appearance of natural teeth.
    It is also commonly used to cover internal teeth.

  2. Zirconium or zircon crowns

    Zircon is composed of a white material coated with porcelain, which gives a natural and beautiful appearance to the teeth, and it is preferred to use them to coat the front teeth. The zircon is distinguished by its beautiful shape and white color that lasts for a very long time.

  3. American EMAX

    This type is usually used in cosmetic coatings such as Veneer, Lumineer and Hollywood smile, as this type is used in cosmetic coatings precisely because of the possibility of this material and accepts it to make thin and small layers of it unlike zircon and ceramic that do not have this property.
    Usually, the cost of the American Emax is slightly higher than that of zirconium and porcelain.

Dental Crowns Treatment Duration

In the year 2020 and previous years, we can classify Turkey as the first destination for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic and medical dental treatments, due to the reputation of doctors, good centers and appropriate prices relative to the prices of any second country.

It is worth noting that both types are characterized by being non-porous, that is, they do not corrode and are resistant to stains and breakage. You can also choose the degree of whiteness as you want and they are also composed of safe materials that make them safe and strong.

The patient usually needs to stay in Turkey about a week on average.

Two or more visits to the doctor to take measurements, make dental crowns, and final inspection.

Dental crowns Process Steps

  • On the first visit, before entering the doctor, we make a radiogram to the teeth from all sides,  360 degrees.
  • Then the doctor checks the teeth and looks at their condition
  • He puts medical materials in a mold and takes a matching template for the teeth and jaw as well.
  • Sending the mold to the lab for design.
  • In the second visit, three days after the first visit, the doctor begins preparing the teeth (brushing), then fixing the crowns on the teeth
  • On the last day, it is necessary to return to a final inspection after finishing the crowns to ensure that the it has been carried out properly.

Is Dental Crowns Painful?

Usually the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure from the beginning to the end as long as the issue is limited to crowns, either if that there is a need for treatment or transplantation or any additional procedure the patient may feel some minor pain during the procedure.

Before and after dental crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns gives a big difference before and after procedure as it gives a beautiful look!

Especially for those who have problems in the shape of their teeth, as it is considered best solution.

Also for who suffer from health problems as a result of improper teeth that suffer from necrosis.

or other problems as It can switch from old coatings made of old metals or ceramics to new ones like zircon or Emax.

The cost of dental crowns in Turkey 2020

The exact cost of crowns cannot be determined because it depends on several details, including:

  • The quality of the materials used.
  • The type of the chosen crowns.
  • As well as the number of teeth chosen to be covered.

Also, the cost varies depend on the crown number and quality used.

in addition to the accompanying issues such as implantation, and periodontal treatment.

You can request the exact cost from Turk Aesthetic by contacting our medical team.