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dental bridge in turkey 2020
Dental Bridge In Turkey

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Dental Bridge In Turkey


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Dental bridge in Turkey Istanbul 2020, who among us does not suffer from dental problems of all kinds. We can say that at our current time solutions were found to all dental problems, including space or gaps, even if it was a space for one or more missed teeth.

Here is its importance as it is a cosmetic procedure, but it is absolutely necessary for oral health.

What is a dental bridge?

It is a single tooth or several teeth that are placed in the place of a missed tooth in the mouth and it is has several types, either implanting teeth or doing crowns for teeth from zirconium or porcelain and usually more often a metal tooth of gold or a mixture of minerals.

And bridges are supported either by natural teeth or through dental implants.

Dental bridge is one of the most common dental operations, especially in Turkey.

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Dental Bridge using reasons

There are several important reasons for placing a dental bridge, including:

  • Maintaining the aesthetic shape of the teeth.
  • Strengthening floppy teeth.
  • Equally distributing the balance of the bite and its strength on the teeth.
  • Treating the word and speech that many people who have lost their teeth suffer from.

Who can do it?

Everyone who has a space in their teeth and those who have been exposed to tooth loss, or even those who suffer from fragile, where a dental bridge is put in place to support the fragile teeth.

Also, dental bridges are used to treat two problems, one of which is health and dental problems, and cosmetic problems at the same time as it is called the Hollywood Smile.

Where the doctor works on the health and cosmetic sides at the same time in terms of aesthetic appearance in the form of teeth and treatment of decaying, carious and weak teeth.

Positive VS negative effects

Like every medical procedure, it has benefits. The dental bridge has important benefits, including:

  • Getting a beautiful smile.
  • Chewing healthily.
  • Protect and support teeth from fragility.
  • Maintain the natural shape of the lips and chin.
  • Distribute and balance the chewing force by replacing the bridge with the place of the missing space and teeth.

Process Steps

On the first visit for the doctor:

Teeth adjacent to the voids are prepared by carving it and preparing it to fit the new bridge that will be placed.

Then a template is taken of the appropriate shape and Sending it to the laboratory to make it according to the chosen shape and template.

A temporary bridge is also placed to support and protect the teeth.

On the second visit to the doctor:

The doctor removes the temporary bridge that was previously placed.

Then he starts laying the new permanent bridge.

The qualities used

the most famous raw materials used to make a dental bridge:

  1. Porcelain (ceramic).
  2. Zirconium.

It is worth noting that these two types are used in dental crowns at the same time after the implant.

Before and After Dental Bridge

It is worth noting that a big difference usually occurs before and after the procedure towards the best in terms of the shape and color of healthy and natural teeth especially in the case of zirconium because its quality is weighed very close to the shape of natural teeth and cannot be distinguished from natural teeth easily.

It also makes a difference in the health aspect in terms of dental safety and the end of the accompanying pain sometimes before the installation of bridges such as gum pain or dental pain itself, where, above all, the structure and integrity of the teeth are examined and the dental roots are treated in the event that this is required. Also, significant improvement is observed in terms of bad odors, especially for people who have old compositions such as porcelain (ceramic).

Dental Bridge validity

It lasts at least from 5 to 10 years and maybe more, but it is required to maintain and clean the teeth, as it is required to maintain a visit to the doctor every 6 months for periodic examination.

The way to use teeth is has a great importance in increasing the life span of dental crowns and bridges, so it is important to maintain and use them in the correct and proper way, and it is preferable to inquire from the specialist doctor or work team about the things that must be followed before and after the procedure.

Dental Bridge In Turkey Cost

We also always remember that the prices differ from one country to another, because the cost of a dental bridge in Turkey 2020 can not be determined within a specific price, as it varies according to the number of voids, the type of materials used, the type of bridge chosen, the doctor’s experience, and the reputation of the medical center.

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