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Celebrity Smile

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Celebrity Smile Everyone dreams of a smile that fascinates us with their attractiveness and facial features and makes us yearn to have a wonderful laugh like them.

And because the bright white smile that makes the teeth look like pearls is one of the most attractive factors and personal charisma, and makes a person confident of himself and full of joy and happiness.

But can we have a smile that resembles that of celebrities and stars?

To answer these questions, let’s enter the world of cosmetic dentistry and learn about the smile of celebrities and learn how to get it? And this we will learn about it in our article today.

Here below quick information about Hollywood smile process:

Procedure Duration2/4 Sessions (an hour each)
Return to daily activityImmediate
Things to considerAvoid dye drinks and solid foods
Procedure effectivenessThe results are permanent, as long as maintaining health of the teeth
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250 USD Approx.

Celebrity Smile Video

Before and After

Celebrity smile

It is the smile that we find drawn on the faces of movie stars, media professionals, athletes and artists, and this smile is distinguished by its bright white color and attention-grabbing, and with a consistent, orderly and problem-free appearance.

Here are some dental care tips to have an attractive smile:

01- Not to rely on the dentist only: Some people think that dental care is only when visiting the dentist two or three times a year, and in fact this is incorrect.

Dental health and aesthetics are the responsibility of the person himself first, especially if he dreams of getting the smile of celebrities and also

02- Watching food, as food occupies a very important place when talking about dental health. Foods that are harmful to the teeth cause damage and damage, as the more acidic the food increases, the more likely it is that the teeth will be exposed to corrosion, which is a major threat to the health, appearance and aesthetics of the teeth.

Starches represent a great danger to dental health, because they easily stick to the surfaces of the teeth to allow the bacteria to multiply and feed on them and the emergence of harmful acids in the tooth layer, so it is recommended to use whole grains because they are less harmful and higher in their nutritional value.

03-. Drinks: Alcohol should be completely avoided, because it eventually turns into sugar.

As for reducing caffeinated drinks, you should stay away from them because they are considered a key factor in preventing the attempt to whiten the teeth necessary to achieve a person’s celebrity smile.

04- The use of fluoride-rich toothpaste: the use of toothpaste that contains fluoride to help the teeth to benefit from the mineral fluoride necessary for dental health and to provide them with hardness and strength.

05- Avoid using your teeth as a sharp object: People sometimes resort to using the teeth to open cans of soft drinks or plastic bags, and this causes damage to the disposition of the teeth, and it is because it is designed to be as one unit and the pressure is distributed evenly on all teeth. This reckless behavior may cause disfigurement that may last the rest of the life.

06- Maintaining a daily care routine: All people make a routine routine for their daily life and this includes daily care for dental care that includes brushing the teeth and toothpaste twice to three times a day, with the use of dental flosses periodically to get rid of the remnants of foods stuck to the teeth that are difficult to reach To it in the normal ways.

Techniques for obtaining an attractive smile

In order to obtain a Hollywood smile, the doctor uses one of three methods, and they are:

  • Dental veneers
  • Lumineers
  • Removable Celebrity Smile (Animated Celebrity Smile)

01- Dental veneers

Of course, veneers are one of the best methods used in cosmetic dentistry, and it has several types, which are porcelain veneers: it is a thin layer of porcelain that the doctor sticks to the teeth, so it looks bright and white.

Steps in the process of installing dental veneers:

  1. The doctor uses special devices to remove part of the surface layer of the teeth.
  2. In the next session, the doctor carefully and carefully installs thin layers of veneers on the surface of the teeth.
  3. When visiting the doctor, the dentist carefully examines the dentist and orders all necessary analyzes and x-rays to make sure that the doctor excludes the presence of other problems that threaten the stability of the veneers after installing it.
  4. The doctor takes accurate dental measurements and sends them to the laboratory so that he can obtain the appropriate veneers for the teeth.

Candidates for dental veneers

The veneer method is considered one of the best ways to get a celebrity smile in the following cases:

  1. Desire for an elegant and attractive dental appearance, as the veneers cover all voids and eroded parts of the teeth and all defects.
  2. Teeth deviation and asymmetry, where when the teeth are severely eroded, the doctor will advise you about the installation of orthodontics, first to correct these defects, and then the teeth are ready to add the final aesthetic touch and make the smile of celebrities through dental veneers.
  3. The choice of dental veneers will not be healthy when there are some gum diseases that will affect the appearance. Of course, in this situation, the doctor uses different techniques, such as: First, the gum is cut with a laser to prepare for the use of one of the three techniques to help obtain the smile of celebrities: veneers, luminaires, or the removable smile of celebrities.

Recovery and recovery after dental veneers

And this stage, which we can call the recovery phase, after filling the tooth, where there will be a feeling of numbness in the mouth due to local anesthesia, and then this feeling will disappear with time.

An allergy to hot and cold drinks and foods may occur for several days.


  • Upon completion of the veneers, a person can enjoy the smile of celebrities.
  • The veneer method has long-lasting results from 10 to 30 years, and this is done when you follow a healthy dental care system.

02- Lumineers

Lumineers are completely similar to veneers in achieving the same goal, as both methods are used to hide dental flaws and give the wonderful smile of celebrities, and for the main difference between these two methods lies in the thickness where the luminaire is mainly distinguished from the veneers in that its thickness is less so that the doctor does not have to sculpt a large layer of Dental enamel, which reduces the occurrence of side effects such as excessive sensitivity from cold and hot drinks.

Lumineers have the advantage that they do not need a recovery period or a break after the operation, as a person can enjoy getting results immediately.

03- Celebrity animated smile

In this method, after the dentist takes dental measurements, it is sent to the laboratory to create a special removable mold that is compatible with the teeth and the person enjoys the smile of the celebrity that he wanted to obtain.

Celebrity animated smile before and after the operation

Of course, the doctor always advises before undergoing any plastic surgery to consult and discuss between the person and the doctor about the operation and to use the appropriate method with knowledge of the damages and the cost and also to review pictures before and after the operation.

Especially in dental surgeries, where images of the celebrity smile are provided before undergoing the operation and after the operation, in order to know the fit of the teeth to the person’s face and their compatibility with personal features.

As for the results of Hollywood smile, they are permanent results and cannot be replaced or changed.

Side Effects for animated celebrity smile

Despite the advantages of the technology, there are disadvantages, and below we will highlight the most important disadvantages of the smile of celebrities, namely:

  1. Pains caused by sculpting: In order for the dentist to apply veneers or lumineers to the surface of the teeth, he needs to remove a small portion of the tooth layer, and this may feel pain during this step despite the anesthesia.
  2. Damage to veneers, luminaires, or discoloration: the new layer of teeth is exposed to the same problems that ordinary teeth are exposed to. With the passage of time, we notice the expansion of veneers or luminescent when exposed to hot drinks and shrinkage when exposed to cold drinks, and these changes form some damages from erosion and breakage, and as a lot of food and beverages intake will lead to pigmentation, which may lose the new layer of its color and luster.

Celebrity smile cost

Of course, the financial cost is often high and very high.

In fact, the prices of dental veneers, lumineers and removable luminaires differ greatly due to a number of factors, the most important of which are:

  1. The condition of the teeth and the extent of the deterioration of the situation.
  2. The raw material of veneers and luminaire.
  3. The experience, competence and reputation of the dentist.
  4. The center and the extent of its reputation, especially since the operation will be carried out.
  5. How many teeth will we place the veneers and lumineers on?

It is important to remember that such an operation is within the framework of plastic surgery, and this means that it will not be covered by insurance companies.

Whereas, access to a Hollywood smile is worth more than 6000 dollars, at the very least.
As for the prices of veneers, per tooth in Egypt is 240 dollars, while luminaire is approximately 320 dollars.
The average price of veneers for one tooth in the UAE ranges from 800 to 2500 dollars.
In England, the average price of veneers per tooth is $ 340, while luminaire is $ 700.
The average price of veneers for one tooth in the United States of America ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 dollars, while lumineers range from 900 to 2,500 dollars.
The cost of a smile of celebrities using luminaire in Turkey ranges from 7000 to 8000. Doctors have confirmed that the price of lumineers per tooth may cost 500 and sometimes rise to 1500 dollars.
Prices for a removable celebrity smile are between $ 800 and $ 1,000 per jaw.
It is important that you must pay very careful attention and be careful in using the molds to avoid losing them, contaminating them and exposing them to harm.

Finally, to get a more accurate cost from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more info.