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Dental Veneers

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Dental Veneers


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Dental Veneers need about 2 visits in about 7 days. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain made to be conveniently placed on the front surface of the teeth; we can compare the teeth lenses with artificial nails that girls attach to their nails to give it a more beautiful shape; sometimes the “composite” colour is used as a natural tooth colour rather than a porcelain colour.

Here below some quick information about dental veneers process

Procedure Duration1.30 hour approx. for each session
Session number3-4 Sessions
Procedure aimCosmetic dentistry (smile row)
Results continuityAround 15 years (under the condition of dental care)
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250$ per tooth according to material type
Session’s details

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Veneers Advantage

So, porcelain sheets or dental veneers as called is the solution for several reasons, the most important of which:

  • Do not need surgery.
  • You will get bright white teeth as a result in a short time and almost permanently.
  • it will remove the old spots that were formed on teeth.
  • You will get a distinctive and attractive smile.

Dental veneers can improve the colour, shape, and position of the teeth. The porcelain colour can be chosen to give the right colour and improve the colour of the yellow teeth or to whiten the front teeth.

Dental Veneers can make broken or damaged teeth look full again after the treatment. Porcelain covers the entire frontal part of the tooth, with a more thick part to replace the broken part of the tooth.

dental lenses can also be used to close small gaps, while they may not be applied when using orthodontic.

In some cases where one tooth is not in its proper location, we can use the dental lenses to change its shape and position so that the teeth appear ideally arranged in an equivalent way.

dental veneers
dental veneers

FAQ – Dental veneers

What are the advantages and benefits of dental veneers?

Dental veneers make the teeth look natural and healthy. Because they are very thin and processed in specialized dental laboratories, and the dentist uses strong adhesives that ensure constant results and teeth durability, very little dental preparation is required. Some lenses do not need any prior tooth preparation.

How long does it take to install dental veneers?

The veneer needs at least two visits, In the first visit the teeth are prepared and the desired lens’s colour is met,
And the second visit is to compare lenses and arrange them appropriately. Your dentist will show you the new lenses on your teeth to make sure you are satisfied and grateful for the results. The veneers are then placed on the original teeth with a special adhesive, which strongly attaches them to the teeth.

How long does they last?

Veneers last for many years but it can break or crack in accidents, just like natural teeth. The dentist will tell you how long the installed veneers should last.
‏The small fractured parts can be repaired, or new ones may be installed if necessary.

Veneers process steps

We will explain the process in three steps:

  1. Study the treatment plan

    The important point here is that the patient takes an active role participating what will be done and what will not be done during the treatment.
    To create an idea for the patient about what shape will his teeth come to after applying dental veneers and let him know the rest of the details.

  2. Preparation

    In this step, a very thin layer will be filed from the front of the teeth,
    You can imagine this procedure applies to your nails for example.
    To properly and correctly install the veneers, the tooth surface should be prepared in a good way.
    Therefore, the doctor should file 0.5 mm to 1 mm of the teeth frontal part to install porcelain lenses in a comfortable way.
    This step is often done without anesthesia because it does not cause any pain.
    Some doctors prefer to apply temporary anesthesia for tooth and gums due to mouth and gums excess sensitivity.

  3. Veneer Installation

    At this stage in order to choose the appropriate veneer colour, they are tested to give as close as possible original teeth’ shape and colour.
    After finishing the process and obtaining the patient’s final approval. Which sees the tooth shape and colour in the mirror.
    Colour and shape are determined permanently and porcelain veneers will be prepared.
    Dentist applies a special adhesive to stabilize the dental veneer on the tooth, then the installed on them and that finishes the treatment’s final stage.

Aftercare Instructions

  1. You should avoid having coloured foods and drinks for two full weeks after the installation.
  2. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.
  3. Dental care in a very special way is required.
  4. Cleaning it at least twice a day.

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