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Dental Lumineers the most requested types of dental veneers due to the fact that they only require a simple and superficial filing of the treated tooth and in some cases, there is no need to prepare the tooth before the Lumineer is installed.

Which attracts both the dentist and the patients who seek to not have their teeth filed or modify the normal tooth structure in preparation for dental veneers installation.

The best use of it is in treating cases like diastema or slightly rotated teeth.

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Lumineers VS Veneers

  • The traditional veneers structure is thick, and requires filing and removing a certain layer of the tooth structure to be installed, which makes the process painful and a bad experience avoided by many patients.
  • Lumineer is unique; it is very thin (about 0.2 mm) and extremely transparent, which gives the enamel layer its natural shape.
  • Lumineer lenses are so thin that they require a little bit of enamel layer preparation or even the dentist may not need to make any changes to the teeth at all.
  • Once installed, there will be no dental sensitivity or discomfort because it gives a natural feeling and a natural shape starting from the moment it was installed.

Lumineers advantages

  1. Very thin, not like the normal veneers. it is thin and comfortable, the product quality ensures that we will not make any changes to the teeth surface before starting the treatment and ensures that the structure of your teeth is preserved.
  2. Ideal for the damaged teeth, no matter how much damage there is, it is the perfect solution for cracked teeth or the teeth that have change in shape and color while also used to align the teeth as well as to restore decayed teeth.
  3. Validity, this product quality has really passed the time test, it usually lasts for about 20 years. This makes it a safe choice for those who want to avoid routine and unnecessary visits to the dentist
  4. It does not cause any pain, because it spares the patient from pain of injection and tooth decay treatment. whereas the lenses nature does not require a lot of preparation and fix easily without any extra effort.
  5. Permanent whiteness, for those who seek to get a bright and shiny smile and are regularly going to the dentist’s clinic to make their dream come ture, Lumineers result of permanently white teeth and it preserves their brightness for a long period of time.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • Dental allergy-free results.
  • Permanently white teeth.
  • Fast and easy operation.
  • Does not affect mouth smell.

Lumineers treatment period

  • You can have it done only in two visits to get a new and attractive smile.
  • During the first visit, the dentist will take your teeth print with an infinite accuracy where the dental lab can depend on it to design your lumineer lenses, then you and the dentist Choose the shade and color which you think that it will fit your bright and lasting smile.
  • On your second visit, the Lumineers is tested to fit the shape and shade and then they are fixed without any pain, giving you a healthy, natural and attractive smile.


  • The majority of dentists use conservative adhesive materials that require filing and removing the outer layer of the enamel layer so that the dental technician can prepare the dental lenses that give a vivid and natural shape to your smile.
  • Most cases do not require any filing or smoothing the dental structure in preparation for the Lumineer lenses installation.
  • The dentist will attach the lens using adhesive materials to the frontal part of the tooth, which makes the procedure simple and it does not cause any change or side effects as possible.
  • Broken or cracked teeth.
  • Yellow or decayed teeth.
  • Diastema.
  • Imbricated teeth.
  • Eroded teeth.
  • Small teeth
  • Getting Hollywood smile.
  • The Alternative to orthodontics.

Dental Lumineers cost in Turkey

Dental care and cosmetic dentistry cost in general and especially dental veneers and Lumineer lenses cost changes from one hospital to another or from one country to another depending on several factors:

  1. The used materials quality .
  2. The country.
  3. The dentist and the team’s experience.
  4. The number of teeth

The average cost of the cosmetic dentistry lenses such as the Lumineers or Veneers ranges from $200 to $500 per tooth, Turkey is one of the most important countries that people from all around the world visit it to have dental aesthetic and that is due to the dentists high experience in this field and the distinctive results as well as the proper cost for most society segments.

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