Dental Implants

dental implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Turkey Istanbul gives another chance to the people who have lost their teeth.

With dental Implantation, you can have good teeth in less than 7 days like you have never lost your teeth before.

The success rate of Dental Implants in turkey

Dental Implants have been adopted since 1950 and is used to this day, and this process has witnessed many developments.

Whereas the success rate reached up to 95% due to technological advances in raw materials and used methods.

The qualified people for Dental Implants

Usually, all of the people over 20 and the ones who have lost their teeth are qualified for Dental Implantation

Sometimes there are cases that are not suitable for Implant:

  • Excessive smoking
  • One of the chronic diseases such as heart, pressure or diabetes.
  • Drug addicts

The doctor will diagnose your case after sending photographs and some important information.

Duration of Dental Implants in Turkey

Healing period usually depends on the implant’s type and the treatment, it may take a few weeks and sometimes it is extended to four months until the implant fused to the jawbone and firmly fixed.

It may even take longer time if there is a need to implant bone graft in the jaw.

Before starting Implants in Turkey 

  1. First of all, you have to know everything about the treatment plan and method, and how many implants you need, and what the dentist will use (raw material’s types).
  2. And it is good to ask about the doctor’s educational level, experience certificates, and scientific specialties.
  3. It is also better to ask about Implantation’s price in total with the included services.
  4. It would be good for you to search for alternatives if there was a big difference in the prices.
  5. Do not go to any clinic before you get enough information about it and the credibility of the place you’re going to, because you will spend quite a bit of money, not to mention time and trouble.

After Dental Implants instructions

  • At the end of the procedure, the doctor describes some Antibiotics and painkillers, which you have to take after the procedure.
  • On the first day, you must refrain from smoking completely, and you should not make any physical effort and stay away from driving and gargling.
  • You can eat only soft food such as soup and well-cooked food; you also have to take care of your teeth, its health care and to clean it regularly.
  • It is better to use sterilization and care solutions in the procedure’s following days.

The common questions about Dental implantation in Turkey

How can I learn about previous dental implants surgeries?

You can contact us at any time to get pictures before and after the dental implantation surgery and we will provide you with details of some previous dental implants experiences and the treatment method.

Is the implantation procedure painful?

Dental implantation in Turkey is a simple procedure, whereas most patients confirmed that it is less painful than the tooth extraction.

A qualified dentist reduces the pain with local anesthesia.

In some advanced and very complicated cases, we use general anesthesia to do the implantation.

Will anyone notice that I have implanted my teeth?

Your dentist will cover your internal implants until it is the time to put the upper crown. It means that it will not affect your daily and social life or during the tongue and lips movement.

Should I implant all of the teeth I have lost?

No, the dentist will support tooth deficiency with the implantation of a certain number of dental implants according to the patient’s jawbone capacity. For example, for a completely empty healthy jaw, implanting 5 or 6 implants is sufficient. As for 3 missing teeth, 2 implants and a bridge are enough.

How much does Dental implants cost in Turkey?

  • Visitors coming from around the world see Dental implantation cost good and acceptable in Turkey compared to Dental implantation cost in Europe and America or even in Arab countries.
  • In normal situations, the patient does not have to pay additional costs.
  • In the long term, you will find that it was a great success and it is very beneficial compared to its cost and other details.
  • It is considered as the best solution to regain your teeth because bridge installation (the old method) requires the diminution of the two teeth, which is located on the bridge’s two sides so that the bridge can be installed.
  • Implanting two implants can fix a full bridge in front of the tongue movements.

You can call us at any time for medical follow-up by the Turk Aesthetic team after the procedure is completed and departure Turkey.

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