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Dental Crown

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Dental Crown


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Dental crown is a type of dental cosmetic surgery to cover old teeth to look more beautiful or to cover new metal implants.And usually need 2 visits in 6 days.

  • Teeth crowns usually contain many materials.
  • It is made in a certain way by mixing several substances.
  • We usually use the crowns to improve the teeth’s look or to strengthen the teeth.
  • Dental crowns are characterized as a more lasting technique compared to other dental techniques of cosmetic, and that what makes it suitable, economical alternative and better than anything else.
  • We usually design teeth crowns in a beautiful shape to reflect light and look like natural teeth.
  • The dentist fix the dental crowns permanently inside the mouth; many people have crowns inside their mouth for decades.

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Dental crown types

01- Metal crowns molten with porcelain

These crowns consist a combination of silver inside and porcelain from the outside to give a natural tooth shape.

These types of porcelain the dentist usually use on the side or back teeth.

02- Crowns made of Zirconium (Zircon)

It consists of white metal in the middle (core) covered with molten porcelain as the external part to give the natural shape of the teeth.

The positive feature about zircon in the world in general and especially in Turkey is the white colour, which characterizes it. Zircon preserves this colour all the time that’s why it is better to use in the front teeth for what it has of importance in terms of shape and colour.

Zirconium or Zircon gives a more attractive shape, a beautiful colour, and a brilliant smile, so it is better to use in the front teeth as a first choice.

Dental crown Benefits

There are many reasons that make a crown or a tooth crowning a convenient treatment. Dentists rely heavily on it because:

  • It repairs and strengthens damaged teeth.
  • It improves the way the teeth look (including colour, shape, alignment, and its propinquity in a symmetrical way).
  • Whereas there are some other alternatives treatment ways. any other kind of dental restoration techniques cannot provide the same features and advantages that dental crowns or teeth crowning provides.

Teeth crowning phases

  1. In the first visit to the dentist will examine the teeth, to be treated and its damage level are determined. Then the doctor takes an x-ray picture.
  2. The doctor places medical materials in a paste form to make a template of a replica to the jaw and teeth shape.
  3. Our doctor sends the mould to the laboratory to design the shape of the crowns, which the person needs.
  4. The doctor places a temporary filler to ensure the treated teeth protection.
  5. After a few days, the crowns will be ready to be installed in its right place, the doctor trims the teeth that will be crowned to prepare it, and then install crowns in their designed places.
  6. A few days after the crowning you will visit your doctor for a final examination. And to make sure that they has been done properly.

Knowing that more than 98% of cases do not need any change after the first session.

Dental crown treatment associated pain

The patient does not feel any pain during the dental crowns procedure because the dentist applies local anesthesia to paralyze the area.

Aftercare Tips

The crown itself cannot decay or decompose but caries can start on the crown’s surface in the area, which contacts with other teeth.

So it is important to always keep the treated area clean and to have regular brushing with toothpaste 3 times daily.

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