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Dental Aesthetics

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Dental Aesthetics


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Dental aesthetics With the development of medicine it has become easy to overcome the problems of all kinds of teeth, and because the beauty of teeth gives human self-confidence there is no need to hesitate to repair the defect of teeth.

Turk Aesthetic explains all the information necessary for dental Aesthetic in the following lines:

Dental aesthetics does not mean only cosmetic teeth whitening, but there are other types such as orthodontic and coating and treatment of gums and dental implants and fillers and cleaning

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Why Dental aesthetics?

The following are the cases in which people resort to Dental aesthetics

Sensitive gum problems that causing bacteria, tartar and plaque build up and lead to tooth decay and inflammation in some cases and the abscess, which affects the heart and body safety, so resort to the doctor to clean the gums also can resort to surgery as a last solution.

Dental aesthetics  for beautify teeth due to breakage or decay and damage or warps and spaces between the teeth through the white filling to improve the appearance. Read more about Hollywood Smile

Teeth whitening

  • Home recipes may work to remove the annoying color layer.
  • The use of sodium bicarbonate is the most important household methods put on the brush instead of toothpaste, but this method requires a relatively long time therefore, it is not preferred by many people, especially those who want to get the best results in the shortest time.
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  • Stuffing and restoration of teeth in case of decay and the presence of stains that do not go away by traditional household methods.
  • It is also resort to fillings in the case of disorganized spacing between the teeth or short teeth and discoloration after the process of withdrawal of the nerve known.
  • Misaligned teeth, This problem can only be solved through cosmetic procedures to get paved and consistent teeth and return the teeth to their natural place to give aesthetic and consistency with the shape of the face.
  • Outstanding teeth due to retraction of the mandible or protrusion of the maxilla
  • Lip problem The problem can be dealt with by putting a fixed orthodontic otherwise the plastic surgery is inevitable.

Dental Aesthetic Steps

  • Local anesthesia is the first step in all types of operations, whether implantation, orthodontic or bleaching.
  • When planting, artificial roots made of titanium are planted, which serve as a support for the crowns that are installed later.
  • Planting takes about two hours.
  • In the case of laser bleaching, the gums are first covered with plastic material so as not to be damaged by laser radiation.
  • After that, a high concentration material is placed on the teeth, which permeates by laser radiation to give the teeth a whiteness according to the degree of discoloration of the natural teeth.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to bleach the teeth then you can leave the clinic after the operation

Convalescence after process

One of the most important stages to help the success of the operation, but its recommendations and the duration to be followed vary according to the process itself, and generally do not require recovery for a long time only in special cases recommended by the doctor according to each individual case

Celebrities who had undergone the Dental aesthetic operations

Many Arab celebrities do not authorize Dental aesthetic  but some of them have the courage to say. we mention some of them:

  • Syrian artist Jenny Esber.
  • Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram.
  • Singer Asala Nasri.
  • Ehab Tawfik, Saber Rebai, Sherine Abdel Wahab, Haifa Wehbe.

Dental aesthetics Cost

  • Costs vary by country and city.
  • It also varies depending on the nature of the process itself, dental implants require high expenses compared to compensation and coating.
  • Dental aesthetics is a low cost compared to other procedures.
  • To get the most accurate cost from Turk Aesthetic you can contact our technical staff via the link.