Dark Circles Treatment

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Dark Circles Treatment

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Dark Circles Treatment


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Dark circles treatment, this problem appears among different age groups of men and women, which cause a lack of self-esteem and depress about the way the face look.

Turk Aesthetic addresses in this article all about its causes and solutions to help the reader get rid of this problem.

Here below some quick information about the Treatment:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration10 Minutes
Process aimDark Circles removal
Continuity of results15 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost350 USD per 1CC

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There are many factors for under eyes circles and the most important of these reasons are:

  • Lack of sleep and rest.
  • Deficiency in the immune system.
  • Using computers and smartphones excessively.
  • Genetics play an auxiliary role in the appearance.
  • Hormones change in the body.
  • Kidney diseases.
  • Aging.

Home solutions

There are many medical and homemade solutions to get rid of dark circles under the eyes problem.

  1. Black tea

    It effectively helps in treating dark circles by using tea bags for five minutes under the eyes every day for a week.

  2. Sweet almond oil

    Put a few drops of sweet almond oil on a small piece of cotton and wipe under the eyes dark circles to give amazing results.

  3. Potato

    It is effective in treating when it’s cut into slices and preferably cooled in the fridge, then it is placed on them directly to notice the results quickly.

Dark Circles Treatment

Medical creams

It is considered one of the simple solutions, which helps to get rid of dark circles because it contains substances that are resistant against skin pigmentation in addition to vitamin B3 and caffeine.


It is a protein produced by the human body, mainly responsible for the growth of cartilage, bones and muscles it has an important role in improving the appearance of the skin and makes it more vital.

As people get older the production of collagen decreases in the body, causing large pores, the roughness of the skin and dark circles. The treatment using collagen works by injecting it directly under the eyes to restore the skin and make it bright and radiant.

Collagen protein is extracted from the patient’s body and is one of the best methods used because it does not cause allergies.

Animal collagen is the most common type used in medicine at the lowest cost. Vitamin C supplement is added to it to give it a stronger effect, but one of its disadvantages is that it may cause allergies to some people.

Carbon dioxide

It is one of the ideal solutions. Carbon dioxide injections dissolve the accumulated fatty substances that cause blackness under the eyes and improve collagen secretion, which is painless and injected under local anaesthesia. The skin needs one to four sessions.

  • If the cause is the fat accumulation, the skin needs about twenty sessions.
  • There are no side effects of carbon dioxide injection in the opposed of what expected, but injections may be accompanied with some bruises that later disappear.
  • Doctors recommend the patient to avoid bathing, sauna and swimming after carbon injection.

It heats and destroys brown spots so that a new lighter layer of skin is formed.

When choosing the laser type, we advice to choose a reliable doctor and check his level of experience to get the desired results.


In most cases, specialists use filler in treating dark circles under the eyes. Filler that the doctors use under the eyes is light filler.

Dark circles treatment costs

The cost of dark circles treatment varies depending on the method used. It also varies by country, city and region within the same city.

The medical centre and the doctor’s experience also play an important role in the increasing or decreasing of the cost.

Finally, to get the cost from Turk Aesthetic Medical Center in Istanbul you can contact the support team through the link directly