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Cool Sculpting
Cool Sculpting

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Cool Sculpting


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Cool sculpting for body sculpting, where there are many ways of slimming and liposuction and body sculpting, starting from natural alternatives and diet food through sports and ending with multiple surgical methods such as cutting and linking the stomach.

  • Recently, many techniques in the field of body sculpting appeared, including laser body sculpting.
  • Finally, body sculpting using ultrasound and a cool sculpting device.

Turk Aesthetic explains in this article about the Cool Sculpting System for body sculpting what it is, its advantages and disadvantages.

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How Cool Sculpting works

  1. Functionally, the technique is based on freezing the accumulated fat with ultrasound to give amazing results and a sculpted and more attractive body without the need for surgical intervention.
  2. The technology has been adopted by the World Health Organization to treat fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen and buttocks, and it has been used by 4 million people from all over the world since the device was discovered.
  • The doctor sheds the device for about an hour on the area of ​​accumulation of fat, so it freezes, dies and dissolves, so that the body can get rid of it naturally without the need for surgical intervention and without any risk to the neighboring tissues, thus preserving the elasticity and intensity of the skin that together, there are no skin sagging results.
  • Life can be routinely practiced immediately after the operation without any problems.
  • As for the results, they can be observed after a month and a half have passed after the operation and their appearance is complete after a period of four months.
  • It is worth noting that the goal of the operation is to tighten the body only by dissolving fat and not losing weight, as this technique is not suitable for getting rid of excessive obesity or even excess weight.

the Advantage

  1. Ease of use by placing the head of the device on the fat area only.
  2. Safety so that the body is not exposed to harmful rays, but rather is exposed to a temperature that gradually decreases to reach the required level to separate automatically when the possibility of tissue damage begins.
  3. Tightening the skin and stimulating the body to produce collagen.
  4. The speed of use so that it does not exceed the hour and the possibility of practicing life routinely.
  5. There is no need for surgery or just a needle, so there is no minimum chance of infection or harm.

the Defects

  • Slow the results to appear after six weeks.
  • The device needs high experience before use to be able to locate fat places and give it priority over others.
  • Not suitable for overweight people, but a way to body sculpting.
  • The device does not benefit by getting rid of it, but rather it is necessary for surgery.

Instructions before Cool Sculpting

  1. Maintaining a diet and avoiding sugars.
  2. Avoid smoking as much as possible.
  3. Be patient and have a good mood away from stress so that the body can functionally complete its operations.
  4. Enjoying realism and not believing propaganda because most of it is commercial and exaggerated.

Cool Sculpting Cost

  • The cost varies according to the medical center. It also varies according to the area of the body to be treated.
  • Cost is lower compared to the surgical procedure. It is classified as a low-cost solution.
  • In Turkey, the cost of performing the operation is low compared to Europe or the countries of the Middle East.
  • In Istanbul, the cost start from $ 2000 to reach $ 5,000, according to the criteria we mentioned.

Finally, to get the cost from the Turk Aesthetic Center, you can contact us via the link