Clitoris Aesthetics

Clitoris Aesthetics
Clitoris Aesthetics

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Clitoris Aesthetics


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Clitoris aesthetics and women are candidates for this type of operation.

Women who are candidates for this process are those who suffer from length in the vaginal blades, which leads to redness in this area and feel and often the length of the labia in the pubic area the female feels uncomfortable, especially when practicing sexual relations

the following schedule show quick information about Vaginoplasty:

The time to complete the operation1 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activity1 day after process
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Clitoris Aesthetics – Video

Clitoris Aesthetics


Where is excess fat taken in these cases?

Fat is taken from the woman from the most places that accumulate body fat, such as the buttocks and the area around the waist.

How long does clitoris aesthetics take?

We can use local anesthesia and general anesthesia as desired by the patient, and the process usually takes time from half an hour to 45 minutes and of course the room is sterile and there is an antibiotic during the operation to avoid any infections affecting the results of the operation.

What are the symptoms that result after the operation?

The patient often suffers from swelling of the blades and some soreness, and sometimes the patient may feel numbness and loss of sensation in this area and this is a natural thing that results from anesthesia during the operation and these symptoms disappear during a period that does not exceed three days. As for swelling, it takes a week to ten days and in rare cases it takes Time of a month.

When can we get the final results after clitoris aesthetics in Turkey?

During the first days, the initial results will appear and take a month until we fully notice the difference and the final results appear.

The process of reducing the size of the vaginal blades?

Often there is a difference in the shape, size and color of the vaginal blades from one lady to another. These changes are often caused by frequent births, advanced age and the result of weight loss.

What diseases prevent us from performing this type of operation?

Women who suffer from chronic infections of the reproductive system or cancerous diseases cannot do this operation.
Cases where this type of operation is needed
Women with a birth defect.
Some cases where sex is mixed.
Births where there is a rupture.
Age, accident or injury.

Clitoris Aesthetics Surgery

  1. Fixing the defects and cracks that are in this region. These defects arise from either previous births or birth defects.
  2. Reducing the expansion that results from repeated deliveries.
  3. Some women suffer from unevenness in the length of the small blades.
  4. Eliminate the excess fat that forms in the pubic area.
  5. Enlarge or reduce vaginal blades.

Here below some details about Beautify and enlarge the vaginal blades:

When women resorts to do this operation, there are several reasons for that such like: Advanced age and who was previously Overweight and lost her weight. This leads to this region sagging and thinning and this process is done by injecting this area by taking the fatty tissue from places in the body such as the abdomen It is injected and distributed in this area and this is called patching and replanting the fat tissue of the vaginal blades.

One of the problems experienced by women is sagging in the genital areas, so women have to enlarge the blades by injecting them with fat as we mentioned, and this is done by taking fat from other places in the body and the goal of this process is to beautify the external appearance.

Process Options

  1. Removing the limbs with surgical scissors and then sewing them, but one of the downsides after this procedure will disappear the wrinkles that some couples may prefer and they stimulate their desire and this is what some people do not want.
  2. Minimize it with laser technology.
  3. Fully cut and remake from first and new.

Symptoms that may occur after performing this type of operation

  • Some minor pain is usually prescribed analgesic taken by the patient when the pain is felt.
  • Some swelling and swelling may happen and soon you may need three days to a week.
  • The blood may collect next to the thawed limbs and this is normal to happen, so don’t worry.

How is clitoris aesthetics performed and what type of anesthesia?

  1. The pubic area is reconfigured by reducing the fat concentrated in this area and in this type of operation we can use any type of anesthesia and this is due to the desire of the patient.
  2. The process takes time from 40 minutes to an hour.
  3. But the woman must take care of personal hygiene after the operation and assess the area daily to avoid any infections or complications.
  4. Women resort to these operations in order to get rid of fat and to get the smoothness and the most beautiful shape of the pubic area.
  5. You should abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after cosmetic surgery on the area.
  6. Beautify and accentuate the clitoris.
  7. The goal of this process for a woman is to restore self-confidence, especially in the emotional and sexual terms of the woman, as she is greatly affected because she is highlighting the clitoris and removing the accumulated folds of skin above it, which helps the woman to reach orgasm.

Clitoris Aesthetics Aftercare Instructions

  1. The area should be cleaned and sterilized continuously when needed and entering the bathroom.
  2. When you feel some pain, you can brother some painkillers prescribed by the doctor after the operation.
  3. Use an antibiotic to sterilize the area daily.
  4. Lightening the pubic area for white or light skin.
  5. Some women whose skin is white or light-colored, suffers from irritation due to the color difference between the pubic area and the body.
  6. Often the color is very dark, this area is lightened and whitened by sanding it first and then bleaching it to take the same color as the body.

Process Advantages

  • We do not need to loosen the stitches, as they dissolve in the healing stage.
  • We can have intercourse four weeks after the procedure.
  • We can practice our lives naturally.
  • Reducing the size of the pubis and removing excess fat from it.
  • When women resort to this type of process, they seek to improve the outward appearance and restore confidence during sexual relations.