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Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel


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Chemical Peel is a technique or cosmetic procedure aims to remove some simple skin blemishes.

Why should I get a Chemical peel?

Some people attend to get chemical peeling for several reasons:

  • Sun damaged skin.
  • Acne Treatment.
  • Freckles and minor skin pigmentations.
  • Wrinkles and simple facial lines.
  • Spots that is formed as a result of aging.

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Chemical Peel Steps

Before the process

Before starting, the patient must have sufficient knowledge of Chemical peeling steps, results, and side effects.

  • Wash the face well.
  • Do not use cosmetics.
  • Tell your doctor about any medications used.
  • The patient should not have an advanced skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis.
During chemical peel
  • The specialist doctor applies acids on the treated area and waits for a specific period of time determined by him.
  • The used materials and acids are determined according to the patient skin type.
  • After the session is finished, the patient is given some instructions to be followed (Chemical peeling after care)

the Results

The after-peel stage is divided into three main periods:

Directly after chemical peeling session

The patient feels a little bit of burning that gradually disappears and a little redness, which may last for one week to a month.

A few days later

Starting from the seventh day until almost the first month, the redness gradually disappears, the skin begins to peel and new layers of skin start appearing.

From the first month to the sixth

The final results appear, old skin peel ends and the skin looks pure and clear without any problems like most chemical peel cases in Turkey.

Side effects

  1. Light redness after skin peel session may continue in some skin sensitivity cases for several weeks.
  2. The Skin peels dramatically in the first week.
  3. Scars and acne may be formed in rare cases as a result of weather factors, wrong care or neglect.

Chemical Peel Cost

The cost varies depending on the case, doctor, hospital or clinic where chemical peel session or any other cosmetic procedure will be performed, and a session cost limits between 250 $ and 1,000 $.

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