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Cellulite Removal

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Cellulite Removal


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Cellulite removal is resorted to when the skin loses its smoothness, grace and change in its shape to look like orange peel, especially in the thighs, legs and abdomen in both sexes, which leads to embarrassment and loss of self-confidence, especially for women.

If you have this problem, Turk Aesthetic offers you everything you need to know in the next lines.

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Cellulite removal causes

It collects fat under the skin layer in a different way with the concentration of harmful and toxic substances in it.
Some explain it by the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer to result in a hernia in the fat-binding tissue.
Another explanation is that the body stores a quantity of water under the skin as a result of eating salts in addition to a concentration in fats.
As for the causes of the emergence of cellulite, the most important of them

  1. Genetics

    So that cellulite can appear without being overweight in people with genetic predisposition.

  2. Hormonal causes

    It appears in women more frequently compared to men due to a change in body secretions during pregnancy and menstruation in addition to the high estrogen concentration.

  3. Bad eating habits

    Such as eating salts a lot and not drinking water and fluids and lack of exercise or movement in general.

  4. Stress

    Resorting to liposuction helps the process in liposuction and the elimination of cellulite, but the process may sometimes lead to the emergence of adverse results due to the weakness and elasticity of the skin.

Cellulite disposal solutions

Topical Creams: some medical creams stimulate increased blood flow to contribute to burning fats and stimulating collagen.

Derma Roller Massage: It takes about two months at the earliest for results to begin.

Lasers give fast and effective results compared to other methods, read more via the link.

Cellulite removal Surgery

The patient explains his condition to the doctor and informs him about the medications and diseases he suffers from, if any.

The patient must strictly adhere to the doctor’s instructions, such as refraining from food shortly before the operation, for example, and refrain from smoking and blood thinners.

Conduct medical tests to ensure the body is ready for the operation and anesthesia.

Cellulite removal process steps

  • Local or total anesthesia of the body according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Creating small incisions to insert the laser tube and not exceeding half the cm.
  • Throughout the tube, the laser targets all accumulated and stubborn fats and fibrous barriers to get rid of them.
  • Use of the laser as a second stage to increase the elasticity of the skin.
  • Removal of the tube and suturing of the incisions, then the recovery phase from anesthesia.
  • The process takes about two hours.
  • It is recommended to wear rubber clothes after the operation for a whole month.

Cellulite Removal Side Effects

The patient’s safety and the regression of complications after the operation depend on the skill of the surgeon himself. The greater the skill and experience of the doctor, the less problems and complications will be the opposite.

The patient may experience some swelling or inflammation that goes away two weeks after the procedure, at the latest.

Simple or severe bleeding, which must be referred to a doctor and consulted if it continues.

Process Results

  • On average, the results appear between three to six months.
  • The laser is considered a revolution in the field of removing cellulite because the results appear faster compared to other methods whose results may appear after a full year has passed.
  • Also, a single laser session eliminates the body from two-thirds of the amount of cellulite to be removed.
  • To remain the least amount in the body, it can be removed with topical creams, massages, or with a second laser session, but after exactly six months.

Cellulite Removal Cost

A single laser session costs from 3500 to 6000 dollars on average, according to the medical center, the doctor, and the area to be treated.

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