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Cat Eye Plastic Surgery
Cat Eye Plastic Surgery

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Cat Eye Plastic Surgery


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Cat Eye Plastic Surgery is an irresistible magic. What strikes us when we get to know anyone is the beauty and shape of the eyes.

Humans can distinguish even one millimeter from the change in the shapes of others, and in the recent period there has become a fashionable trend, namely cat eyes, or what is called cat eyes

This technology makes features appear brighter, younger, and fun.

At the present time, cosmetic eye surgeries are many and varied, and their goal is one: to obtain and enjoy a more satisfactory and youthful appearance, and it is one of the most popular and widespread operations among the current cosmetic procedures, so many women and men have come to beauty centers to get cat eyes

So, in our current article, we will introduce you to the process of cosmetic cat eyes.

Cat eye plastic surgery

Why is it called cat eye technology?

This name comes from the fashion for cat-eye eyeliners.

It differs from the concept that is used to resemble the eyes of the same cat in terms of shape.

Where the beauty of the eyeliner is by pulling it out of the eye, and this gives the eye a youthful, lifted and taut look.

A woman who suffers from sagging in the eye area cannot get a beautiful appearance because the eyeliner will appear chipped on the sagging skin and the time will appear older than her age.

Away from drawing eyeliners, where at this stage the area of ​​the eyelids and around the eyes will begin to lose the elements of beauty, the eyes will diminish, the aesthetic of the look will disappear and become sad.

How the surgery performed?

Of course, the cat’s eye technique is an external process, meaning that it does not include inside the eye and takes about 3 hours, after which the person can go out. It does not require a stay in the center, as the operation does not require anesthesia and is performed using local anesthesia, and after a week or ten days after the operation, the stitches are removed.

Cat eye operation is an optional cosmetic procedure that helps patients obtain a more attractive eye shape. Both men and women can benefit from this procedure, especially those who have a markedly round eye opening or a turn in the slit downward.

Cat eye plastic surgery Techniques

01- The plasma method

It is a technique of tightening the eyelids without surgery by plasma energy, which is a type of energy obtained by intensifying the electrical energy that we transfer to the eyelid with a small needle head placed away from the skin by 1 ml with the power of electricity and its interaction with oxygen, and in this 1 ml is done Transferring energy to the skin and of course this energy burns the thick and flabby skin, and this process is repeated on all the required area by passing this needle in the form of points.

After that, anesthesia is applied to the eyelids, cleaning the area, and drawing the shape of a cat’s eye after discussion and consultation with the woman’s desire to pull the eye out or up.

02- Cat’s eye surgically

It is a surgical operation where a specialized cosmetic doctor performs an operation on the human eye to resemble a cat’s eye.

Where the doctor creates holes in the eye area and the increase in the side of the eyelid to some extent, as he corrects the eyelid at the outer edge of the bony eye, and the eyebrows are scraped from both sides to prevent the increase in the eyebrows in this part.

The eyelid operation differs, especially if the eyelid is drooping or falling from eyelid surgery, as the skin is slowly losing bit by bit, and begins to hang, especially around the eyes, and this is due to collagen breakdown and damage to the eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is a treatment for drooping eyelids, which removes excess skin or fat and repairs the eyelids in their proper place, and is therefore completely different from cat eye surgery. This operation is a simple operation, with mild pain, and for one day, and bandages are applied to protect the eye, and for vision it is limited in the first week, and for swelling, it is only for two weeks.As for its risks, as with any cosmetic eye surgery, there is a possibility of infection and rare bleeding, but there is one risk, which is in the mismatch of results between the two eyes (asymmetry).

03- Threading

This technique is used to obtain cat eyes that use eye enlargement, and the eyebrow area is raised by strings, and attention is given to the appropriate skin thickness and age of the person (30-60 years),

The surgeon uses invisible sutures and local anesthesia.

This technique does not take more than an hour, and you can see its results right after you do it.

The surgeon tells you not to use permanent strings, because the cat’s eye fashion may be temporary.

The warning is about the use of bad threads:

Polycatlic acid.

As for the result that we get, it lasts from two to three months, and usually the strings do not last for a long time more than 8 months, and this is due to the frequent movement of facial expressions and features constantly.

04- Cats’ eyes using Botox injections

We always hear about the great use of botox in the field of cosmetics in all parts of the face to get a youthful and attractive appearance and naturally tight skin and to get rid of the annoying effects of wrinkles.

Also, many women use Botox to raise eyebrows because its cost is low compared to other techniques for lifting eyebrows, and today, Botox is used to relax and tighten muscles to get the appearance of cat eyes.

Sometimes, to get the desired result, the doctor gives the person more than one injection.

This technique shows its results quickly, after a few days of injection, and of course the results of Botox are impressive and we can quickly notice them.

Where the cosmetic doctor uses fine needles for the forehead area and injects it around the eye, and the method is not very painful. Some people ask for local anesthesia so that they do not feel any tingling, and then the doctor injects in the specified places in the forehead, so the botox substance works to relax the nerves and this leads to the rise of the eyebrow beautifully and naturally.

Of course, there are many spectators who performed “cat eyes” cosmetic procedures, such as American pop star Madonna, who underwent a stringy procedure, as well as Melania Trump, the wife of the US president and a well-known model, Bella Hadid.

05- Brow lift

It is another surgical technique that contributes to obtaining cat eyes, as it raises the external muscles of the eyebrow so that the eye looks similar to the cat’s eyes, in addition to giving the eyebrow a straight shape away from its slanting shape to resemble the eyes of beautiful women and Hollywood artists.

06- Filler

Where a filler injection is applied to the bone of the eye to enlarge it.

07- Ultrasound cat eyes

This procedure can be done by stimulating collagen and enlarging the eye.

Cat eyes surgery results

The results last between 2-3 months for the eye muscles to return to their normal position. While operations that last longer, such as eyelid pulling operations, the negativity is that they give a very artificial appearance that is not natural and cause the appearance of scars.

And we can use make-up to help in this regard, such as drawing straight or sharp eyebrows and many cosmetic tricks and tricks.

Of course, cat eyes will continue to exist in abundance as long as photography, especially selfies, is still widespread

Benefits of the cat’s eye technique

  1. You pull the eye and tighten the skin.
  2. Work on cell regeneration.
  3. It eliminates fine wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.
  4. Heat is used in this area to boost the natural collagen production.
  5. Work for clear comfort to the look around the eyes.
  6. Based on showing the beautiful and young look of the eyes.

Side Effects

Of course, the exaggeration in this process will make the beauty of the eyes unnatural and unattractive for everyone, as it cuts off part of the eyelid and the possibility of causing damage to the facial nerves and nerve fibers and the possibility of hair loss, as the eyebrows in the surgery area have a very high shape.

And since there are some unskilled, experienced and competent experts who perform these operations and in most cases cause bleeding, infection, excessive trauma to the eyelid and sometimes blindness ..

As a result of getting rid of and removing a large amount of eyelids, it will cause problems for the person with blinking the eye and in cases where it may be difficult to close the eyes completely and often affects people who are eager to quickly do a surgery in order to get the cat’s eye from depression and mental illness, especially for those who have had some problems. Psychological issues about the appearance of their eyes, and this leads to the multiplication of problems they have and must be addressed.

As for eyesight, visual acuity is not affected in eye cosmetic operations, but some serious errors may lead to injury to the optic nerve and this leads to vision loss.

It should be noted that what happens to the patient in terms of blindness and disadvantages in eye health, we cannot consider it a medical error!

What happens to the patient in terms of risks and complications is nothing but the responsibility of the individual, because he will sign the doctor free of responsibility before performing the surgery! This means that the person cannot file any complaint on this basis.

Cat Eye Plastic Surgery Cost

Cat eye surgery is expensive and relatively high, ranging from $ 2,500 to $ 3,500.

As for Iran, the “cat’s eye” operation is an expensive operation, as its cost ranges between 80 and 120 million Iranian riyals.

In Egypt, about 1,500 dollars and up to 5,000 dollars, depending on the situation.

Whereas in the United States of America the cost starts from 3,000 USD and sometimes reaches 8,000 USD. In the United Kingdom, the cost ranges from 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD. For Germany, it ranges from 200 to 1,500 USD per injection session.

While the price in Turkey starts from 250 USD to 800 USD.

And in France, at a cost ranging from 250 to 400 USD,

In England, the cost starts from $ 500 and can go up to $ 2,000 per session.

While the prices in Brazil are similar to the prices in France, and range between 250 and 400 USD.

And in the world of beauty, cat eyes are considered one of the most popular trends currently that concern many girls, and today it has become possible to get cat eyes at the Turk Aesthetic Center.

Any query about Cat Eye Plastic Surgery, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more information.