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Brow lift where the shape of the straight eyebrow and near the eye appears closer to the natural and familiar shape for men, but the shape differs among women, the more the space between the eyebrows and the eyes they have the more the shape is more attractive, in addition to this the height of the outer part of the eyebrow and in a form Simple compared to the inner part gives the face more beauty.

And with the advancement of life, a kind of relaxing eyebrows occurs to approach the eyes, so this is considered one of the most important reasons for women using eyebrows, so what is that process and are there other reasons for women to take refuge in them, what are the techniques of eyebrows lifting process and what are its costs?

Here below some quick information about Brow Lift process:

Procedure duration1- 2 Hours
staying at hospitalno need
Continuity of resultsDepending on process nature
Convalescence3-4 days
Turk Aesthetic CostAround 2000 USD

Brow Lift (with Botox) Video

What’s Brow lift

  • Eyebrow lifting or forehead plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the shape of the forehead, remove wrinkles and vertical lines appearing in it, and expand the space between the eyebrows and eyes to add more beauty and attractiveness to the shape.
  • Often this process is accompanied by a facelift, and there are multiple techniques and methods used to raise eyebrows, including surgical and by injection.

Brow lift techniques

  • The results differ according to the technique used to raise the eyebrows, and the duration of the recovery and the cost of the operation will vary according to the technique.
  • What are the techniques and details of eyebrows lifting operations?

Eyebrow lifting surgery

  • One of the most popular techniques despite the high costs.
  • The surgery is performed under the influence of complete anesthesia of the body, and the results are accurate compared to other techniques, and there is no need to repeat them for the permanence of the post-operative form, but it is defective in its high costs.

As we mentioned

  1. After the anesthesia is performed, the doctor makes incisions above the forehead at the length of the hairline, 2 cm in length, and then suction the excess fat to tighten the skin.
  2. After that, it is re-fixed with permanent stitches, so this results in raised eyebrows, more naturally.
  3. The surgeon removes the skin polyps and then sewing. The stitches may appear clear and clear, but they disappear as they were done at the hairline.
  4. The patient may need to stay in the hospital after the operation to follow up his condition and monitor the healing of wounds, and recovery requires a period of two weeks to complete recovery. As for the results, they appear immediately after the first few weeks after the operation.
  5. As for the final results, it may take several months for it to appear to last a relatively long period compared to other options.

Non Surgical options

01- Botox

  • Botox is used in many areas, one of which is to raise eyebrows.
  • The doctor determines the injection sites over the eyes, and puncture after local anesthesia, and repeat the process as needed.
  • Botox relaxes the nerves, causing the eyebrow to rise to give it a natural look.
  • The method is characterized by its low cost and fast results, and can leave the hospital immediately after the operation.
  • The results last for about 12 months or a year and a half at the latest.
  • As for the post-operation prohibitions, they are to avoid sunlight, not to rub the injected areas, use ice packs when any swelling occurs, and do not use makeup.

02- Fillers

  • It is generally used to blow the lips and remove wrinkles, so it is not always suitable to raise the forehead, unless the doctor decides to use it according to individual differences.
  • The doctor determines the most suitable substance that can be used according to the person’s condition after the allergy test.
  • The filler shares with botox the method of operation, anesthesia, results, durability, and cost.

03- Laser

  • Lasers are used to make hair breaks instead of surgery.
  • After that the doctor will suction and tighten the skin until he reaches the required result.
  • Then the wounds are closed by laser as well, so local anesthesia can be used during the operation.
  • The patient may need to stay in the hospital for one night to monitor his condition after the operation.
  • The laser technique is not suitable in advanced cases for drooping the eyebrows, and it is preferable to follow the surgical procedure as a substitute for it.
  • As for the cost of the laser, it is more expensive than the injection and the cheapest cost compared to the surgery.

04- Thread

  • The process is done by inserting medical thread
  • The process lasts about half an hour
  • As for its results, it is immediately after the end of the operation and lasts for about three years.
  • Its cost is close to the laser’s cost.
  • It should be noted that it does not pose any risk or complications because medical threads automatically dissolve into the skin.

Brow Lift Cost

  • The cost of eyebrows lifting varies according to the medical center and the technology used. The highest cost comes after surgery, followed by the cost of lasers and threads. As for the cheapest cost, the injection is either botox or filler.
  • Finally, to request the cost of any technology from Turk Aesthetic, please contact our staff through the link.

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