Boob Job in Turkey

Boob Job

Boob Job (Breast augmentation) is a surgical procedure aimed at beautifying and improving the shape of the breast in women (or the chest in men in cases of gynecomastia)

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The operation is performed in all its types under the influence of full-body anesthesia or under local anesthesia and takes about 2-4 hours according to each case. Separately. In cases of full body anesthesia, the patient must stay in the hospital for one day after the procedure and abstain from food about 6 hours before the procedure, unlike cases of local anesthesia that do not require these matters. We will talk in detail about breast augmentation in Turkey due to the increased demand for this type of procedure in the last 10 years.

Boob Job Types in Turkey

As we mentioned, there are many types of breast plastic surgery according to the purpose of the procedure. Many women complain of noticeably drooping breasts due to their large size, and some women complain about the small size of the breasts due to genetic factors, which causes embarrassment for the woman because the large breast size is one of the indicators of femininity. and beauty. There is a type of operation based on breast reconstruction in women in cases of mastectomy as a result of a cancerous tumor that requires excision. In addition to these cases, the process of removing gynecomastia in men, which is a common process that takes place due to a defect in the secretion of estrogen, which leads to the emergence and drooping of the chest in men, especially in cases of weight gain.

We will present these cases in detail.

Cosmetic surgery based on the addition of silicone gel or fat injection to the chest area in women to give an attractive and more feminine appearance by increasing the size of the breasts or restoring the size of the breast that was lost after slimming or pregnancy. It is recommended before undertaking a breast augmentation operation to take into consideration the following matters:

The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia, and the surgery takes approximately 3-4 hours. At first, a wound (incision) is made in the hidden part below the breasts, then a silicone filling is placed between the muscles of the breast tissue and chest, or behind the chest muscles, in the end the wound is sutured and the wounds are covered with a special bandage, which is the most common in cases of breast augmentation compared to the option Fat injection.

As for the time needed to recover after the operation (convalescence), it varies between patients and generally ranges between 7-10 days. After that, you can return to daily activities, including light exercise. This detail should be checked and discussed carefully with your plastic surgeon.

Women may be concerned about the appearance of their new breasts after the procedure in the first stage of recovery, but this is normal and temporary. You will gradually begin to look and feel normal within a few weeks after surgery.

All women who suffer from drooping, sagging and an increase in the size of the breasts resort to this option, this process is called mammoplasty. The surgeon removes the glandular tissue, fat and sagging skin from the breasts, so that the woman will get a tighter and more beautiful breast shape with a proportional size with the body. Also, through the breast reduction operation, you can reduce the size of the areola surrounding the nipple, in order for the woman to have a more beautiful and sexy breast. Chest prolapse causes pain due to the increased weight of the chest mass, especially while walking. It also causes some irritations to occur under the chest due to sweating, in addition to the problem of incoordination and difficulty in movement.

As for the procedure, the technique that will be used in the operation is determined first, and what the patient prefers with regard to the shape of the chest required after the operation. The most used technique is to make three incisions, one of them is around the nipple and the brown area that surrounds it. The second incision is vertical from the brown areola to the flabby area in the breast, and the third incision is at the wrinkles.

The doctor removes the excess fat, tissue and skin of the breast through the incisions, then raises the nipple and the areola surrounding it to a higher height, and the areola surrounding the nipple is also reduced, which often increases in size after pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Finally, the skin is returned to its original shape before making the incisions, and then the plastic surgical suturing is done, so that the chest takes its new shape. At the end of the fourth week after the operation, the patient feels comfortable because she will return to her normal life.

Breast Lift in Turkey

The reasons for the breast lift operation intersect with the breast reduction operation so that women resort to lifting the breast after sagging as a result of weight gain or pregnancy and lactation. Attractive and beautiful. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 3 hours.

There are many causes of gynecomastia in men, it may appear as a result of heredity, weight gain may help with gynecomastia, imbalance between the secretion of male and female hormones, especially in adolescence and growth, as it may occur as a result of insufficiency or hyperactivity of the thyroid and pituitary glands. The operation is carried out under the condition of the man’s good health condition and passes through several steps that begin with making a surgical incision in the nipple area and the total excision of the glandular tissue in the breast, or in clearer terms, the excision of the breast. Liposuction is also performed in cases of excess weight and fat accumulation in the chest, and finally the wound is sutured cosmetically. Doctors recommend, after the procedure to remove the gynecomastia for men, some instructions that must be adhered to and adhered to, especially wearing the medical corset around the chest in order to take the desired shape. The procedure can be completed under general or local anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours.

Breast (Revision) Reconstruction in Turkey

Breast reconstruction is called the operation that is performed either to correct a previous operation or in cases of breast cancer and extirpate it in emergency cases.

This operation is resorted to in many cases, such as: breast augmentation or reduction and tightening of the chest. One of the most important reasons for resorting to the secondary (reconstructive) operation is the patient’s dissatisfaction with the results of the first operation. And according to the type or reason for the procedure, the doctor takes the necessary steps.