Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is one of the surgeries that are performed on women who have saggy and large, by removing the excess glandular tissue, fat and loose skin from the breasts, also reduce the size of the areola (the dark circle around the nipple) to get a tight and beautiful shape in accordance with the body.

What makes Turkey the best destination?

Turkey has recently become the best country in cosmetic operations field in terms of quality, experience and costs, although it is a beautiful touristic country, and it has developed a lot in medical tourism.

In our hospital, we make sure that our patients are comfortable, and we perform full medical tests accurately before any procedure to check the patient health before and after surgery.

Who is a right candidate for the surgery?

  • Some women who have large breasts and its size are discordant with the rest of the body.
  • Back and neck pain due to the large size.
  • Some skin irritations occur under the breasts when sweating because of large droopy.
  • Women who find difficulty with doing daily life activity.
  • Some cases of different-sized breasts.

What are the doctor’s recommendations before performing the procedure?

  1. Visit your doctor a month before the breast reduction procedure quit smoking completely and stop medications such as aspirin and vitamin E.
  2. Seven days before the surgery in the second visit. the surgeon will give the patient all the instructions that he must follow to get the desired results.
  3. One day before you should fast starting from the middle of the night.
  4. Prepare to go to the hospital, you should take a warm bath and take some comfortable wide cloths in your bag.

Breast Reduction surgery steps in Turkey

The technique that will be used in the surgery and the breast shape the patient wish to have after the surgery will be determined and agreed on.

The most commonly used technique for the reduction is making three incisions; one is around the nipple and the areola. The second incision is from the areola downward to the flaccid area; the third incision is under the curve.

After the doctor removes the fat, tissue and excess skin, the nipple and areola are raised higher than it was before.

We can also reduce the areola size, which is often enlarged after pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding. The skin that was above the areola and the nipple is placed in the breast’s lower part to reshape it.

One day after the operation

The doctor will give you a surgical bra after breast reduction surgery in Turkey to support it and keep on the bandages for two to three days. After three days, the bruising begins to disappear gradually.

After a week

The bruises may take time to disappear completely from one week to 25 days, which is normal.

As for the medical stitches, it will gradually dissolve.

It is best not to wear a bra that contains a sponge or metal wires the better is to wear a sports bra throughout the day.

Avoid workout and driving the car.

After a month

You can go back to your normal life and practice your daily activities after four weeks of breast reduction surgery, but it’s best to avoid lifting heavy objects or doing any exercise and committing to a 4-week recovery period.

Side effects expected after surgery

  • Some infections may occur after the operation.
  • Blood clots and some bleeding.
  • The patient feels numbness in the nipple.
  • Breasts size difference, it happens sometimes if the surgeon’s experience in breast reduction operations is not enough.

When can a woman return to her normal life activity after breast reduction?

At the end of the fourth week of surgery, the patient will feel comfortable and she can return to normal life activity.

To avoid any complications and to get the desired results to follow the instructions that the doctor gave to you.

Breast reduction surgery is now less expensive due to the encouraging offers in the Turkish hospitals for foreign and Arab patients.

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