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Body Sculpting


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Body sculpting is one of the most popular current plastic surgery procedures. Exercising and following a healthy diet are ideal for obtaining an ideal body, but it requires a lot of patience, effort and a long time for results that may be tangible, which makes many, especially women, want a quick solution such as surgeries to sculpt the body.

Turk Aesthetic in this article talks about modern methods and methods used to sculpt the body.

first of all here below some quick information about body sculpting:

AnesthesiaFull body
Procedure durationVaries depending on how many body area (around 2-5 hours)
Staying at hospital after Operation1 Night
ResultsStart to appear after a month
Return to daily activities After a week
Procedure’s aimHarmonize the body
Procedure effectiveness Permanent (Conditional on dieting)
Turk Aesthetic procedure’s cost2000 USD per body area
Body Sculpting quick info.

Body Sculpting Video

Sculpting Options

Body Sculpting is a process aimed at achieving consistency between weight with height and highlighting the aesthetic features of the body in order to obtain the desired shape.

It can go as far as liposuction and cellulite disposal to slim the body, here below the used devices in body sculpting procedure:

  1. Laser

    Surgery does not interfere with this option, but only the laser to break down fats and urge them to get out of the body within a limited period

  2. Sound Waves

    Non-invasive using high-frequency sound waves to break up fat cells as a laser method

  3. infrared

    It is carried out through two phases, one of which is similar to laser, which is based on breaking down fats, and the second stage is based on stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation to remove fats and toxins and get rid of cellulite

  4. Massage Technique

    It aims to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to burn fat, its results are slow and it needs to be continued to get perfect results.

  5. Mesotherapy Technique

    The technique is based on injecting fat-soluble substances in addition to stimulating vitamins for the skin and skin. Of course, one session is not sufficient to obtain the required results, but the session must be repeated.

  6. Cooling Technique

    localized and does not need surgical needles or incisions but requires local anesthesia to complete it so that the fat is burned to give a more consistent and beautiful body.

Body Sculpting Surgery

  • It does not require more than one treatment session and its duration ranges between two hours to six hours, and the recovery period is two weeks.
  • Lasers uses are to get rid of the fat and then insert the cannula through a surgical incision with a width of half a centimeter to give a smooth, sculpted and tight skin.
  • This technology is one of the most advanced types of operations for body sculpting (four-dimensional laser process).

Recovery and post-operative results

  • All of the techniques we mentioned depend on several sessions except for one-time surgery.
  • The aforementioned techniques take about 30 to 45 minutes and do not require convalescence, so that you can continue to practice life normally after the session.
  • It requires the patient to use cold compresses to moisturize the body in addition to anti-inflammatory creams.
  • As for the results it will appears after the session, and the continuity of their appearance may reach a period of six months.
  • Sessions can be repeated as we mentioned until you get the desired results.
  • Doctors recommend patients to follow a diet to maintain the sculpted body in addition to exercising and avoiding smoking and wrong behaviors.
Before and After Body Sculpting
Before and After Body Sculpting
Celebrities who performed body sculpting operations
  • Kim Kardashian.
  • Hillary Dove.

Body Sculpting Cost

Operation cost varies according to the method bearing in mind it’s not covered by health insurance, as it is cosmetic.

The cost of surgery ranges from 3,500 to 5,000 dollars, according to the area to be treated, the hospital, and the doctor.

As for the cost of the sessions, it ranges from 500 to 2500 according to technology and area.

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