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Body lift after slimming is the next step after losing weight, whether it is the result of exercising or during a process such as gagging stomach or liposuction.

Turk Aesthetic talk about the process of tightening the body after slimming and states everything the reader needs to know in the following lines.

Here below some quick information about Body lift process:

Procedure duration3-5 Hours
staying at hospitalone night after process
Continuity of resultsup 10 years
Convalescence2 weeks
Turk Aesthetic CostProcedure cost starting from 3000 USD

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Body Lift Surgery

It is a process whose purpose is to remove loose and flabby layers of skin and improve the shape of the tissues underneath to give a softer, leaner, and more fit body shape.

All types of operations agree to remove excess skin and differ on where the excess skin will be removed from.

As for the most common body lift operations, they are for the lower part, that is, the buttocks and the hind fold. The option for the upper part is less demanding, but it is available, and it can be done as a supplementary work for the lower part.

The process takes about eight hours or more and requires the presence of a full medical team of all specialties.

Body lift includes the following processes

  • Arm lift.
  • Facial and Neck Beautification.
  • Chest tightening.
  • Tummy tuck.
  • The entire lower part of the buttocks, thighs and back, and the lower part of the abdomen to the pubis.

Body Lifting Surgery Steps

  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia exclusively without any other options.
  • After that, an incision is made that varies with the part required to be tightened and the amount of skin to be removed.
  • The doctor tries to make it invisible as possible because these cracks turn into scars after the operation and over time.
  • After the incisions are made, the flabby tissue is stretched, and this incision is longitudinally along the thighs, or transverse across the waist.
  • After tightening, the skin is removed by cutting it, and then microwipes are put in place to help get rid of the fluid that collects after the operation in the body.
  • Finally, the incisions are stitched and the process repeated, according to the location and area to be tightened.
  • Recovery from skin tightening surgery.
  • The recovery period is rather long because the process is relatively complex.
  • The exit of fluids through the tubes that are placed during the process before closing wounds takes time to leave the body.
  • The doctor gives appropriate recommendations for how to recover and treat wounds according to the patient’s condition.
  • It is also preferable to spend a few days in the hospital, the patient should avoid violent movements and sleep with legs raised.
  • Doctors generally recommend drinking plenty of fluids in strict accordance with the post-operative instructions.
  • With the long recovery period, which may last for a full month, but good adherence to the recommendations, as mentioned, gives impressive results
  • The results appear significantly after the completion of the operation, but with swelling of the skin and the appearance of wounds and scars, the patient must wait and be patient until the full recovery of them.
  • The body appears normally after a full year has passed, with scars expected to remain for a period longer than a year, to gradually fade over time.

Body Lift Cost

The cost varies according to the patient’s condition and the following factors are taken into account:

  • Person’s condition.
  • Excess skin after slimming.
  • Places in the body where the operation will take place.
  • Number of doctors involved in performing the operation.
  • medical Center.

Generally, the cost of a full body lift in Turkey is approximately 3000 to 6000 dollars.

To get the exact cost from Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul, please contact our support team via the link.