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acne treatment
Acne Treatment

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Acne Treatment


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Acne treatment where it is one of the most important problems that young people suffer from, facial pimples and scars that negatively affect the general appearance and lead to poor self-confidence.

Turk Aesthetic in this article will address all the reader’s interest in acne and the reasons for its appearance in addition to ways to get rid of it and general advice on this topic.

Acne Treatment Causes

  • Oily skin.
  • One of the types of bacteria that form acne.
  • Hormonal exchange in the body, especially in adolescence.
  • Genetics, some are more qualified than others to have acne due to the nature of their skin and skin.
  • External factors, such as excess heat.

Acne Treatment options

01- Removing traces of pimples

  1. The pimples appear on the skin because the hair follicle is full of fat and dead cells to give several shapes, such as white or black heads or red blisters on many areas of the body.
  2. The appearance of acne is associated with increased fatty secretions in the body, such as the face, back, neck or chest.
  3. The disadvantage of acne is that it is slow to respond to treatment. Of course, its appearance is not related to a specific age, but can appear in all ages.
  4. It has been called acne because the onset of this problem begins in adulthood.

02- Remove the traces of grains of all kinds and shapes

  • When the pores of the skin are open, the pimples appear as black heads.
  • When the pores of the skin are closed, the pimples appear as white heads.
  • It may look like red beans or a bulging solid bruising that hurts when pressed.

Acne disposal methods

There are many traditional and medical methods to get rid of the effects of acne. We recall, first of all, the traditional methods.

Cosmetic products are available in pharmacies, the most important of which are:

  • Cream for masking scars that tighten pores and stimulate collagen production.
  • Cream with filler function that penetrates the skin and fills in the blanks.
  • Skin scrub in the form of a lotion or mask, but with one function, which is peeling the outer layer and is useful for scars or superficial, not deep pimples.

Non-surgical options for Acne treatment

  • The traditional laser that exfoliates the surface layer of the skin and targets all healthy and damaged areas.
  • Partial laser, or fractional laser co2, which penetrates the surface layer into the middle layer.
  • Fractional does not extend to healthy cells like conventional lasers, but only to the affected areas that need treatment and stimulates collagen production.
  • Skin peeling is done by laser or with the help of natural and chemical medical materials.
  • And this method has gained popularity due to its low cost compared to laser peels and it has several types.
  • The chemical peeling months and the most widespread take time to show the results, but is characterized by low costs and has three degrees.
  • Superficial, medium and deep. The physician selects the optimum score according to the patient’s condition.
  • Crystal exfoliation is done with a tool using a moving crystal head, which not only removes acne, but also treats dark spots and gives the skin smoothness and freshness.
  • Diamond peeling results in common with the crystal peeling, but the nature of the instrument used differs. Instead of crystal grains that are placed on top of the tool, diamond grains are positioned.

Tips and Instructions

  • Avoid chocolate, caffeine, fatty foods and protein, such as eggs.
  • Pick cosmetics appropriate for your skin type.
  • Not using regular soap and replacing it with a scrub for the skin.
  • Maintaining the use of natural exfoliating masks, such as honey and milk.
  • Not to touch the pimples when they appear and leave them to go away on their own, in order not to leave traces after their removal
  • When the pills appear excessively, do not hesitate to seek medical advice.

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