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about turk Aesthetic

The beginning of Turk Aesthetic was on 2014 as a hair transplant centre.

the centre has distinguished from the beginning in serving customers excellently through punctuality thanks to our customer service team, Furthermore the quality of results through contracting with highly experienced cosmetic specialists and doctors.

In 2016, it was necessary to expand our medical services to dentistry treatment.

In parallel with the service provided in hair transplantation, we continued in dental treatment in various fields, starting with dental implants, cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood smile – Lumineers), crowns, bridges and orthodontics, ending with cleaning and teeth whitening sessions.

In 2017, we have started performing cosmetic surgeries and non-surgeries.

Turk Aesthetic has excelled in many fields with the testimony of hundreds of patients, both in facial cosmetic procedures (rhinoplasty, eyes, skin tightening) as well as in body beautification (liposuction, breast augmentation, butt lift, buttock augmentation).

In addition, thousands of minor non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, filler, hair removal, laser tattoos removal, and skin care, were performed under the supervision of doctors and beauticians according to the latest beauty trends.

Till today, we strive to maintain what we started with before, in addition to fulfilling our ambitions to enter the therapeutic medical services.


After communicating with our medical team who is fluent in languages ​​(Arabic – English – French) and identifying the problem, The appropriate treatment options are presented for each case individually by directing inquiries to the specialist doctor (if necessary) and specifying the procedure and treatment steps in detail, in addition to the cost.

An appointment is set for the first inspection, which is free of charge in most cases, to obtain answers to all the questions that may occur to the patient’s mind through an interpreter who is fluent in the mentioned languages ​​in addition to the Turkish language.

Finally, the procedure is carried out according to the patient’s request on the same day or on a later day,

We also provide additional services such as accommodation and transportation from -to the airport as an extra service.

Post Treatment

Good to mention about the post-treatment stage, which could extend for six months in some cases like in (hair transplantation).

we respond to all inquiries that we receive and we invite all patients not to hesitate to contact us and even to share us the pictures after process to give an accurate answer after treatment for any query.

Post Treatment period considered as a very important stage just like choosing an appropriate medical centre and a highly experienced doctor, the success of procedure depends on Post Treatment period in many cases. It should be noted.